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  • Пожалуйста, поделитесь вашими настройками. Я предполагаю, что у вас есть ручной работы двигателей оптимизировать свои крутящего момента и мощности в соответствии с весом аккумулятора. С полки двигателей / батарей даст время полета 18/10 * 60 минут. Сколько мощностью вы carying во время этого полета?

  • Guys, this is really rather simple.  You can do the math yourself, or if we can agree on some parameters, I'll do it for you.  All you need are total weight, prop diameter, and battery capacity - with those figures alone you can predict within +/- 20% what the endurance will be based on empirical physical laws.  Can we get a consensus of those numbers?

  • Can you or someone else add the values on <eCalc> below, for a 114min flight or more? I did try to play with different values, but not able to get more that 50min.

    Please post a capture screen attachment after that.

    xcopterCalc - Multicopter Calculator

  • Finally found the video with the FC he uses... It looks like it has a lot of extra electronics and headers on it, plus some form of built in radio(two antennas visible, one on XBee, and one on the FC itself, plus a further antenna connector on the FC board for preksumably GPS antenna). Cpu is a STmicro ARM cortex of some flavour which is to be expected, but I find the extra stuff more interesting. I would guess some of the logic relates to optical flow/camera interfacing but it looks like there might be a lot more to it than that. Only vis.asta would know I suppose.
  • I've been pondering on putting together a setup with ~400kv motors, multiple 6s1p low C packs and very large props... Should be able to get some decent hover times considering I can put it together with around 75% of weight being batteries.
  • Аста, тут вот в чем дело. Когда предъявляют такой результат, с одной стороны это круто, бесспорно, а с другой стороны, это как отличник пришел, похвастался какой он крутой, и молчит, на вопросы не отвечает, ничем не поделится. Поэтому такое вот отношение. Вы бы поделились подробностями-то.

  • do it... 600kv and 14" are pretty common.. heck that is what I am flying on one of mine... but I sure don't get nearly that sort of performance.

  • I have calculated a design where I can get 1.8 hours of flight time from standard off the shelf items. It would require 3 3s 6000mah batteries and a 570Kv motor spinning a 13" prop

  • Unfortunately because of the lack of more detailed tests of high motor, such as motor tiger is very difficult to find the optimal pair of engine-propeller. The site tests are limited to manufacturers of engines propeller 17 * 5.5, but reason tells me that using a larger propeller can significantly streamline even my rough calculations. Unfortunately there is no data on the use of these motors and propellers 20 more inches

  • I believe the video is real as well and I think there is some pretty neat and unknown technology involved.

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