QGroundControl 0.8.3 beta - User Configurable

This video shows how each user can configure the layout and even individual sliders and buttons of QGroundControl for his personal needs. This version is compatible with the current ArduPilotMega pre-release 2.0 codebase from the SVN repository (trunk). Please note that the video shows only a snapshot, not the final QGroundControl 0.8.3 release version (we're still improving it on a daily basis). User feedback is very welcome, if you want to try it yourself you can download a binary for Mac OS and Windows.



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  • I didnt want to strt a comletely new thread for something I'm robably doing wrong. I have netbook that I use for a UAV station (coding, planning, updating, GCS). It is a little EeePC with 800x480 resolution and has been happily running HKGCS without problems but as 2.0 and above is suporting MAVlnk by default I have downloaded QGC and installed it. It doesnt run at all. Brings a completely generic windows error with no indication of what may b the problem.

    The only thing I changed from a standard cllick install was the destination folder which is not the OS drive (4Gb) but a programs drive (8Gb).

    Are there any dependencies I should install? I run a very stripped out XP SP3 with additions of Java (Arduino), DX (HKGCS), .net 1.1 to 4.

  • I waited until I had tried another computer - the buttons generally don't have any graphics displayed (arrows, blocks, etc). I have to use the pop-up tool tips to figure out what they do.


    One computer is running Vista, the other XP.



  • I will check the roll pitch offset in the 3D view. Will also update the wiki with some additional hints how to use QGC with APM. Your issue with WPs not showing up in earth was likely related to the script error that is solved with the latest release. Thank you for your ongoing feedback!
  • Just tried your latest image. Waypoints show up on GE and can be edited and written back to the APM.
  • When using the GE view with the 'follow me' button pushed the animated model seems to have its pitch and roll axes swapped compared with the flight instruments' indications for roll and pitch angles and rates and the HUD indications. Yaw axis seems OK on all three.

    This is in response to 'Position' and 'Extra 1' messages from my APM.

  • 3D Robotics
    pixhawk: please PM me your email address linked to a Google account and I can give you write access to the wiki.
  • The script error is resolved with the newest binary on GitHub. The issue with reading waypoints and not showing up in Google Earth is not present in the simulation mode. I will work this out with Doug.
  • Ok, seems like there is a need to update the tutorials on the APM website, Chris, Doug?  ;-)


    I will look into the Google Earth reading issue, should be something minor. I will post updated binaries soon.

  • Figured out how to get the report data: enter message rates in the parameter widget - I originally thought they were for reporting the received data rates.

    Also, reading waypoints seems to work when I use the map widget, but not for GE.

  • I connected QCG to an APM running the 2.0 trunk code (updated on Sat evening Feb 26). I used the windows binary referred to above. It installed without any issues. I had the same issues as above with Google Earth and video display.


    On starting the connection all I received at QCG were heartbeat messages. How do I get the APM MAV to send all that good data that it's just waiting to send? Starting up the widgets (HUD, flight instruments, raw RC display) didn't seem to invoke the data they would consume. I couldn't find any buttons to push to get things to happen.


    The parameter widget did fetch the names and values from the APM and display them. I didn't try setting any of them, or exhaustively check that the recovered data was correct. The displayed data did seem generally sensible.


    I was able to get the widgets to display the data by using the APM planner to send the data requests and then swapping over to QCG while leaving the APM running. After that I had the HUD and flight instruments responding to APM attitude, maps following the GPS location and the RC displays following my RC Tx output.


    I also tried reading waypoints that I programmed into the APM. QCG seemed to know how many there were, but I couldn't tell whether I was getting the actual waypoint data. I sort of expected the markers to appear on the map but that didn't happen. I didn't try setting and programming the way points.

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