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  • EeePC resolution is 800x480 for the old one btw :( so I won't be able to use this
  • Developer
    The post is awaiting approval, check diy in a few minutes.
  • Developer
    No, it's not released yet, its a branch from the main ArduPilotMega trunk. I just posted a how-to to get you guys up to speed.
  • Developer
    The APM integration is not done yet. You can follow along in the repository - just look for the appropriate branch.
  • BTW: Once you start using this functionality, please report errors, caveats, needed features here. We're actively following James' integration and support it where we can.
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    James - awesome job!

    Could you be so kind as to post a step by step guide for us to get this working - what all the pieces are, where to get them, etc.
  • Developer
    From QGCS roadmap: "Waypoint IDs / names in the map (PX)"
    @Pixhawk: The faster response ever. ;) You rock!
  • No, definitely not dumb ;-). And yes, it does cache the tiles.
  • Minimum requirements: Depends on the view, all views run on an EeePC, the more lightweight ones (like the 2D moving map you see here) should even run on a Qt-enabled Nokia phone. We'll probably test that soon.

    Thank you! James did an impressive job with a two-days integration. I've added the waypoint ID request to the roadmap. Should be a quick change, I have first to sync with James though.
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