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  • HA .. ha .... nobody comment about who is better ? KK or ardupirate ?

  • Developer

    Here is The KK NaviBoard $350 !!! and you need to add KK Flight Controller $100 !!! 

    Its not $30 HobbyKing's KK board :)


  • what platform stay position better ?

  • Distributor

    Will be interesting to see the same for APMv1 and APMv2

  • It shows how bad the standard GPS + barometer package is at actually determining position.  Nothing better has emerged in years.

  • Let the quad jousting tournament begin!

  • @Mark

    I believe KK is Ublox 6 so no.
  • Developer

    Put shrouds on and really battle it out!

    Do both use same GPS unit?

  • But the KK was flying in X and the ACP was flying in +.  We all know that X is better than +.

  • Moderator

    That sort of puts me in mind of when Dean was testing how accurate his circles were. Take one fast plane and one slow one...

    Two AttoPilot plane collision. from Dean Goedde on Vimeo.

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