Quadcopter Build Update

Just fresh from the waterjet cutter..

3689550457?profile=originalLeft to right: Stack-up pad, Centerplate, Landing Gear.


Quadcopter Arms

3689550316?profile=originalArm and the Centerplate bottom flange.

I am always impressed in the cut quality of waterjet cutter!

I haven't measure the actual weight of the frame yet.. (my guess will be around 500g). The landing gear is still also an experimental design.

Next step: Installing a Self-clinching nut for the screws and then off to the bending press!

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  • This is a 1.5mm thick aluminum 3003. I am looking at a more affordable aluminum. thou 6061 is "aircraft grade" and maybe the best material for this, I think it is a bit overkill. In my computation, the whole frame weights aprox. 475g w/ landing gear. and 355g w/o the landing gear.  

  • What is the thickness of the aluminium ???? And what kind of aluminium ?

    I was thinking about aluminium chassis ( i have a lot of aluminium from 0.5mm to 5mm lol ) but scared about the weight :/

    Let's see the final product ^^

  • Hi Doug,

    Yes I am yet to bend them. Just preparing the brake and jigs. I am planning to pud vibration pads in between arm-centerpiece connection to minimize vibration.

  • That is certainly a robust chassis.

    Build on!


  • If you have sample picture of the kind of nut kindly send them in my email maybe I can help you find here too.

  • Thanks Jay.. I have a hard time finding suppliers for self-clinching nuts in the Philippines! Maybe I'll just order online.

  • looking good!

  • Thanks Morli. Will do.

  • Admin

    Looks Good. Keep taking pictures of the build.

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