Cansats are a can size satellite used for educating students to teach how to design and implement systems. Cansats are launched in small rockets which drop the cansat in around 100m ~ 3km altitude. From deployment and operation of the satellite is done in the same procedure as of the real satellites. However, in a dense country or in city regions, launching rockets are restricted to the area available. Small rocket trajectories are usually uncontrollable requiring a large safety radius for launch(~5km for Mclass Rockets) A way to be able to drop a cansat while remaining a small safety radius is needed to deploy cansats or be able to test the deployment before launching on a real launch in a densely populated area is needed. This project proposes a way to deploy a cansat in high altitude using a quadcopter which is guided by GPS enabling it to deploy a cansat in high altitudes.

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  • Oh what a shit. The first Fly from the Paper Bag, and the next one in the Air. Good Luck

  • Developer

    Good luck with the project.

    By the way, the copter will fly best if the motors are aligned both horizontally and *vertically* with the center of gravity.  So to be specific for this setup, it will fly better if you can shorten the tube so that the weight is up closer to the motors.  Even mounting the tube sideways instead of vertically would probably better.

    Mounting the antenna on the bottom might also help improve the range of the telemetry a bit.

    3km up is a long way, the highest I've ever personally seen from a user's log is 1.2km.  i guess it's do-able with a strong enough battery.

    Again, best of luck.

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