Quadcopter with OAK-D depthAI stereo camera

I have upgraded my quadcopter XJ470 with a Skydroid T12 radio, an OAK-D depthAI stereo camera and a Raspberry Pi 4 companion computer. This configuration enables state-of-the art artificial intelligence drone piloting. The skydroid t12 enables long distance telemetry and video. The OAK-D combines depth measurements and artificial object detection. The RPi 4 has an WiFi access point enabling remote desktop communication by means of VNC. Avoidance python scripts are uploaded to the RPi 4, generating mavlink drone messages controlling the quadcopter. A test video demontrates the new features.

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  • Hi Glenn. Thx. I have a github summarizing most of my work: https://github.com/avncalst/drone_cnn. This was my first test with the OAK-D. I intend to elaborate more on my avoidance script and improve it a lot.
    GitHub - avncalst/drone_cnn: python cnn files for drone obstacles avoidance
    python cnn files for drone obstacles avoidance. Contribute to avncalst/drone_cnn development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Hi nice work. I have a OAK-D camera on the way also. I'm interested further with what you are using this for? Are you doing any kind of localization? Do you have a blog or github with more info?
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