quanton flight control

I am proud to have the opportunity to announce hardware availability of a new target for TauLabs.

quanton flight control rev. 1 <-- shop site (on stock, worldwide shipping)

System information and components:

For those who don't know about TauLabs, please look here.


OpenPilot firmware on pre release hardware:


TauLabs firmware on final hardware:


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  • Oh im sorry if that is not clear. It is available worldwide.

    You can buy it here: http://www.quantec-networks.de/quanton

    It is on stock. When its out of stock you cant checkout anymore.

  • Is your Quanton Flight Control Board going to be available in the US?


    From Whom?

  • James, looking at Open Pilots page states it is an open source community based project (and yet you are saying they frown on anyone else using or adapting it).

    What part of community based and open source am I failing to understand?

  • Tau Labs is open so anyone that wants to develop a board and support that part of the code can contribute a firmware target.  Pretty much every time we add a target it forces us to improve some aspect of the abstraction. Quanton is a 10 degree of measurement board for regular and autonomous flight using the Tau Labs code base.  Freedom has a different purpose, largely with the addition of the Overo to allow capturing high resolution logs and more sophisticated flight analysis.  Quanton also is the current record holder for the best sensor noise of all the boards I've tested (Revo, RevoMini, Quanton, and Freedom).

    Robert - development on this is all done under Tau Labs.  OpenPilot tends to frown on anyone else using the code (part of the motivation of the fork).  It would be cool if you get the code running on VBRAIN - the more the merrier.  Feel free to ask questions at forums.taulabs.org

  • Way to go Lilvinz, I think this has great potential! Well done!

  • Moderator

    Hi Lilvinz ,

    your board is exactly in same configuration of VRBRAIN :)  So as we can use OpenPilot on VRBRAIN , You can also join to development of Arducopter32 on your board :) You are welcome :)

  • Awesome Lilvinz.  I can't wait to see lots of people flying these around.

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