quanton flight control

I am proud to have the opportunity to announce hardware availability of a new target for TauLabs.

quanton flight control rev. 1 <-- shop site (on stock, worldwide shipping)

System information and components:

For those who don't know about TauLabs, please look here.


OpenPilot firmware on pre release hardware:


TauLabs firmware on final hardware:


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  • Well played.  And of course kevin / drone savant was the one to find that fake link with the fake "review" from an owner of the board.  Coincidence i'm sure.

  • Looks like the board (and the "competitive price") were fake.  The item was always out of stock and was simply put up there so that reviews could be posted attacking Tau Labs and lilvinz's hardware, resorting to name calling and other such childishness nonsense.

    It's been taken down now so we unfortunately may not find out who posted it.  But still, what a sad and pathetic attempt by some little person to attack a really awesome project and lilvinz's really great work.

  • For the record Lilvinz's board isn't a clone of anything.  He made it independently revo schematic still haven't been released so it's not like he could clone it.  The sensor selection is fairly standard (e.g. look at VRBrain and I think APM2.5).

    It's also licensed CC-BY-SA-NC so this is a license violation, which is a shame.  If the back has his logo that's a double dick move for the same reason DIYD/3DR always dislike clones that reuse their artwork. There are some people on the taulabs forums who have made their own which is totally cool though.

  • Wow, clone of a clone.  $30.  If somebody makes a clone of a clone of a clone, will it be $3? ;)

  • The plastic one was easier to source but is no longer being produced. The metal one is easier to solder. The specification as well as the price are identical.

  • hi, why is on the quantum board only the oldschool plastic ms5611 ? but anyway, i have ordered mine yesterday. 

  • OpenPilot binaries compatible with quanton flight control based on current OpenPilot release can be found here: https://github.com/lilvinz/OpenPilot/wiki/Download-Binaries

    Fork from git://git.openpilot.org/OpenPilot.git to track Vinz's modifications (moved over to http://github.com/Taulabs) - lilvinz/OpenPilot
  • Darrel: please go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/phoenixpilot and report your build problems there.

    Google Groups
    Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
  • Lilvinz:

    Does your update have any relevance to my comments?

  • Short update:

    http://github.com/lilvinz/OpenPilot is good to go on quanton board. It is based on OpenPilot master branch from 2012/10/28. I will try to find time this weekend to update it to the latest OpenPilot release and provide binaries.

    Note: you have to flash the bootloader and you will loose settings whenever switching between Tau Labs and OpenPilot

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