quanton flight control

I am proud to have the opportunity to announce hardware availability of a new target for TauLabs.

quanton flight control rev. 1 <-- shop site (on stock, worldwide shipping)

System information and components:

For those who don't know about TauLabs, please look here.


OpenPilot firmware on pre release hardware:


TauLabs firmware on final hardware:


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  • Hi 

    Thanks lilvinz and Kenn for your answer.

    Kenn i will try that ASAP :-) , i was always use some 10 cm wire and it always failed i am happy to see someone arrive with the same configuration 

    When you flash do you connect USB of quanton also? 

    Thanks again Kenn for you sharing your solution.

  • This is absolutely not what lilvinz would recommend, but here's how i did it:

    I just had to cut back the 5th and 6th header pins, which you can (barely) see in the photo. Note, wire lengths cannot be very long for flashing to work. It failed every time I tried when I was using squid wires that were only about 10cm in length. This might have been an extreme solution, but it worked after an hour of banging my head against the wall.

  • See here for SWD pinout: http://www.quantec-networks.de/quanton/data/Manual%20%28en%29.pdf

  • Hello all,

    I Want to flash the quanton, i have a stm32f4 dscovery bord.

    Do y ou know the mapping between stm32discovery Swd pins and the swd quanton pins board, please?



  • Hi James,

    Absolutely no offence was taken, and no apology is necessary, but thank you.
    And thank you also for your good wishes, very gracious.


  • K. Finisterre's explanations are possible, but not plausible once you consider the source. "There are too many honest journalists... to chase claims made by people with a deserved reputation for carelessness and dishonesty. "

    [Cited from The Atlantic.] 

    Attempts to confuse Quantec with Tau Labs still fall flat. It bears saying again: one is run by a non-for-profit registered in the US, the other is a business registered in Germany. Tau Labs sees no proceeds from sales of Quanton boards, and Quantec, like VR-Brain, is software agnostic. Tau Labs did not design Quanton, and certainly James Cotton, as a volunteer, has no obligation to respond to anyone's demands for software support.

    Anyway, it's sad that someone felt necessary to attack Quantec through false Good Luck Buy products. It hurts GLB's reputation-- since we now know they can be easily manipulated-- and whoever convinced GLB to add the page certainly lost some face since GLB's operators cannot appreciate being used like pawns in someone else's personal vendetta.

  • Well I'm glad to hear you've had a better experience with him.  My observation is he seems to quite the knack for being the first to find information that turns out to be disreputable (e.g. his previous post) which supports his agenda or coming up with whatever explanation is the opposite of Occam's razor.

    Good luck with your device and I apologize to you for any offense.

  • @James Cotton,

    Firstly apologies for potentially derailing this thread.

    I realise that your words were probably posted in frustration or anger, and are probably already regretted, but I thought it worth responding in defence of Kevin.

    I also realise that Kevin is not everybody's cup of tea, probably in part because Kevin is exceptionally good at finding bugs, and somewhat naturally nobody likes being told that a product they have put their heart and soul into (or a lot of money) is flawed in some way.  Kevin is also quite direct in communicating his findings.


    Kevin has been nothing but supportive of developing a new, more appropriate flight safety device and has asked for nothing in return.  He has always been prepared to reach into his pockets and put his money where his mouth is.  Two things which you cannot question about Kevin are his dedication to improving flight safety and his technical abilities.

    I was on the point of retiring the current Failsafe board because it is difficult to maintain a bug-free code-base, and, well, who likes crashing other people's aircraft?  I hate it when a plane goes down, especially when a device of mine has caused the crash.  Fortunately the current Failsafe has an unblemished record - to the best of my knowledge it has only terminated one aircraft, and that was because it violated an airspace boundary.

    Kevin persuaded me that flight safety IS important, and that there is precious little on the market in the way of independent flight termination devices, and that I was probably in a good position to do something about it.  So yes, a new flight termination device is being developed.

    It will be smaller, have a lot more features (including PPM inputs, parachute output, engine kill switch, etc), it will not necessarily crash you aircraft if things go wrong - it can send commands to your autopilot to tell it to return to launch, and yes, if things are beyond redemption, it can terminate the flight.

    I realise it won't be for everyone, but at least it will be there if needed.

    Millswood Engineering.

    And I too, am not looking forward to Kevin testing my hardware and telling me about all the problems he's found, but I will suck it up as I know that better safety will be the outcome.

  • Yes, a simple "whois phoenixpilot.org" reveals the troll behind the curtain there.

    As for Google cache, I don't know which one you are looking at, but http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.goo... certainly contains at least one of the reviews referenced previously.  There were more, but the page was removed before Google crawled it again.

    But I agree with you, it is unfortunate that some people stoop to such nonsense.

  • Whoever registered phoenixpilot.org at least got honest about it http://imgur.com/OnxNebk,r01r26p#0 which given they verify those emails is pretty compelling.

    And nope, not mad.  You just have a great track record for being the first to find misleading or incorrect information.  I hope you put at least half as much energy on your Millswood failsafe than trolling other projects though, otherwise that will be the worst imaginable fallback device.

This reply was deleted.