Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)


I think a nice goggle set for beginners, the Quanum DIY FPV goggle set with monitor. Not with dual glasses, but a single display that shows the live feed from your video/transmitter set (not included). The resolution is 480p (640x480 pixels) and you can use it with one of the 3 lenses it comes it, whichever fits you best. The goggles can be switched between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. The molded housing is made from EPP foam allowing you to carve and adjust the fit just right to your face and finishing it off with foam strips for a light tight seal.


Monitor screen: NON-Blue screen custom TFT LCD
Screen size: 4.3in (6:9 or 4:3 switchable)
Format: PAL/NTSC supported
Supply voltage: 7~13V
Resolution: 480p
Fresnel lens: 3X and 4X included
Size: 140x95x120mm
Weight: 195g

Please note that a battery to power the goggles is not included and you have to use your own video transmitter/receiver set.


Available for US$ 29.99, available from Hobbyking here: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=53706&aff=5361

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    @Rob, it is easy to diy and it works:

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    Me old mate Rob has finally had something copied by HobbyKing! Several of his wings and gliders have been copied by other cutters.



    Here's the FPV Labs thread about them


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    @david, that's actually a plus.
    I would rather see the occasional snow from an interrupted feed than a black/blue screen (which then decides, on its own, when the signal is strong enough to let me see it again)

    With HeadPlay we even load an older firmware just to prevent the blue screen.
  • wonder how these work for spectacle wearers like me...I have to put my contacts in to us my fatsharks.

    I can imagine having these on a bracket on my transmitter tray, so I can put my head in and out as required for switch from FPV to with my own eyeballs....especially if they are spectacle friendly

  • But it includes a non black/blue screen, that show's static even with the cables disconnected 

  • Made one myself,the post for making your own are on this site somewhere.Basically they can be built from a Fresnel lens 2$  and a small screen 10-15$ all on ebay and some foam.At 29.99 + shipping its nearly half the price to build your own,in the true spirit of Diy!

  • This seems a big hoaky to me.  I guess the price is right.  But a 4.3" screen?

    I've been interested in Fatshark goggles, but I'm not sold.  I've tried them a couple times briefly, and I really don't think the experience is that much better than just using a monitor.  The *only* benefit I can see is that you don't get any reflections.  But then there are a ton of negatives.

    At this point, I prefer this solution:


    Nice all-in one.  I mount it on a camera tripod.  You can just stand there and use it easily.  Benefit is it's easy to look directly at the machine 3rd person when needed.  Such as landing or to get better situational awareness, etc.  Also, I use an omni antenna on one side, and a directional patch on the other.  You can do some rudimentary aiming the old fashioned manual way if needed.  For me, its seems to be a better operational system, vs. goggles which seem to be more for hobby/artistic pure-FPV usage.  Pretty simple, setup, just works, not fiddly.

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