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    Robero, do you know what propeller and motor they are using?

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    So the tips and tricks are :

    Big propeller

    Radial motor with good efficiency with that propeller.

    Big quantity of amp 2.4 of battery 11 amp of battery.

    So to doing more of two hour the tricks could be the drop of exaust battery. If you keep attention in the video after a while release battery .

    Could be nice doing an excel with some valuation. So i study the problem one years  ago and i found that is very important to optimize the time of flight use a motor and propeller that work in the best condtion for the motor .



  • To believe in this video, there should be more information!
    If the author of this video gives us more details, we may consider that it is not a fake! For the moment, nobody believes!

  • Upload you attempt to rcgroups mr lifter 2012 competition
    Winner last year All Out Time Duration 65min:29sec
    I think you can win this year ;)
  • Hybrid, or h2 source?

  • I'll step in as a mighty skeptic and say this IS a hoax. If I'm not mistaken, there currently is no technology whereby such a long flight may be made possible (at least not for rotorcraft of this size). This includes liquid fuel as well as battery power. I imagine if this was actually possible, we'd all be having some pretty impressive flights (25 minutes or more, at the very least you'd think).

    I'll be happy to be proven wrong, though!

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    That's very impressive I wonder if it had a GPS and alt hold it would have flown more efficiently and even longer. Perhaps you could share how you did it so others can repeat and prove your experiment. If it's a hoax shame on you!! 

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    But How?
  • Care to share how you did that?

  • поздравляю!!!

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