Quick Post: ArduPilotMega Shield/OilPan Photos!

Is not ready yet, has tiny mistakes, but the tweaked boards is under the last hardware performance test's , as soon as i get an answer, I will start the mass production... ETA two weeks! (Maybe sooner).

The shield can be bottom placed (oil pan) or in the top (Shield). I would suggest the bottom side so you protect the IC's and have a lower profile!

Poll: Do you prefer the Shield in Red or Blue?

See ya!

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  • 3D Robotics
    Gerry, V2 Flat and regular ArduPilot are tried and true and will remain a core product. If you want to fly now, that's the way to go. Even after the shield is out, the code will still be in development, so people should not count on flying with Mega until summer.
  • This sucks. I just ordered a V2 Flat a couple days ago. :( Will it work with the Ardupilot Mega?
  • arduPilot is C++
  • @Chris I am still learning about your UAV project and everything is extreamly exciting, looking forward to the release of the new shield, I vote for blue board color.

    I have not down loaded the development environment yet, can you tell me what language is used to program the AdruPiolet-Mega?

    I have been programing in various languages over the last number of years. I have programed industrial control systems in the past and currently I am working as a database analysist programing in SQL on Oracle databases. I am hopping I can be of assistance in getting this UAV to work on heli's.
  • @Sandro I have HK600 (T-REX 600E Clone) on the way from HK that I would love to put a UAV package on. I am looking forward to the avalibility of the new shield. I have been programming since the mid seventries and can not wait until I can get started with the AdruPiolet-Mega and the new shield.
  • The Helicopter part would be extreemely fun. I fly them and have one that I would love to put some UAV guts into. The flight characteristics would be much different as you transition to about the 3 foot high mark where the helicopter will fly much more stable. Motions would really need to be dampened to slow any tendency to jerk the heli too quickly. Oh and what would be really great is if you set up a resonance causing your sensors to go crazy.

    Heavier birds are more stable because of the added weight.

    A person would have to be very patient. Ahh heck sounds like fun!
  • 3D Robotics
    @Mark. Indeed. We'll be doing fixed wing first, quickly followed by quad. Only then will heli development start...Any volunteers to help lead that dev team? The core IMU and nav code will be in very good shape, but we need people who understand the special challenges of extending that to helis.
  • Developer
    There are several folks here who want helicopter support, but this is the most difficult code to create and test. After the ArduPilotMega system is released, code development can start. Maybe sometime this fall it can be release? 120° mixing is needed for collective, altitude hold, stable hover, etc...
  • Developer
    @Wallace: The ArduPilot is exactly for that autonomous flying job. For now, to applying it to a traditional helicopter isn't trivial and I never seen it applied. By other hand, is totally possible to use it on a quadcopter or tricopter, but not without a considerable programing work and nice understanding of how each piece works.
  • Chris,

    Any advance info available on the gyros choosen, the interface between them and the 12 bit ADC, and the interface between the 12 bit ADC and the ArduPilot Mega board?
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