Quick Post: ArduPilotMega Shield/OilPan Photos!

Is not ready yet, has tiny mistakes, but the tweaked boards is under the last hardware performance test's , as soon as i get an answer, I will start the mass production... ETA two weeks! (Maybe sooner).

The shield can be bottom placed (oil pan) or in the top (Shield). I would suggest the bottom side so you protect the IC's and have a lower profile!

Poll: Do you prefer the Shield in Red or Blue?

See ya!

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  • 3D Robotics

    The gyros were selected to be able to handle helis well. Stay tuned for more on this...
  • If the gyros and accels can handle the vibration, there is no reason it can't fly a heli with the proper control laws. As soon as I can my hands on the new shield, I'm going to put the unit on my Trex450 and see how the AHRS behaves.
  • @Sandro Your engllish is Good, do not put yourself down. Thanks for the explinations

    This project get's better every time you answer a question for me. So just the AdruMega and the new shield will provide the capabilities of 9DoF and GPS module connection.

    Will this provide total UAV capabilities to fly point to point and return to home?
    Another question I have is will this new combination be able to fly a Heli ? ..Comment
  • Developer
    @Wallace: "...the purpose of the newest version of ArduPilot (the main board) is to use a shield that accumulates a lot of functions and peripherals, including a 6DOF IMU,.." (My english isn't good... The best word isn't "purpose" but is "deal" or "proposal").
    When I told it, I tried to say that the shield already have the sensors. And, like I said, the shield have a connector to add a 3-axis magnetometer too. The GPS will be connected on main board, not on the shield.

    Looking at the shield's board you will see that the IMU parts on it are passive. There is no microprocessors around it. I think isn't totally right to say that "...the shield has an ArduIMU+ V2 on it". But, in fact, that group: AP Mega + Shield + 3axis magnetometer board + GPS will have all the resources and processing, necessary to give you a complete 9DOF AHRS and everything else. It's awesome, man! So, that's all... 4 pieces and... go out happy.

    And don't forget one detail... The AP Mega have two processors. One of them is dedicated to translate the Rx signals. So, the other one will be free for working on other things.
  • I like blue. Do you have an ETA for delivery yet?
  • If I am not mistaken...the new shield has the arduIMU + V2 on it.
  • @Sandro Thanks for the explanation. I can see I have a way to go before I have this all figured out.

    From your explinaion it looks like a complete system would be the Adru Piolet Mega at the center with the new shield plus the AdruIMU+V2. The 6DoF boards go on the AdruIMU+V2 as well as the GPS . Can the GPS be the new one mentioned in Chris's blog?
  • Jordi, Chris,

    This looks absolutley superb....i sadly missed the boat with the mega first release due to un-forseen circumstances, but, since been back in the world. Been readin up on what i have missed and how far you have come.

    Please, if you wouldnt mind , put me down for the mega/shield in what ever form it comes in, as i really dont want to miss it again.

    Also had our first test flight with IMU today so, re-learning the AP with no thermos (and i dont mean tea:)

    but would love to test in the ship,see where this takes us.

    You guys really are inspiriing, and extremly gifted.

    Keep up the great work..(and me in the loop this time, as im around, please)

    Dribbling here, at the prospect!


  • Awe man! I can't wait. Sucks having to rig all the components for the Ardupilot to the Mega. Did I mention I can't wait?
  • Developer
    @Wallace: I agree with Chris, but I will try to help you to diminish your anxiety about understand the ArduIMU and ArduPilot boards:

    Until now, we have two versions of multipurpose "Attitude and Heading Reference System" (AHRS).
    This long name is because both versions are more then a simple IMU. They are prepared for read, traduce an join data by a group of sensors and an optional GPS, sending the result by an USART output. Here we go with the actual boards:

    1 - ArduIMU+ V1: it have a 6DOF IMU. The hardware is composed by 4 tinny boards, making something near to an open cube. You could connect a GPS into it for additional precision and for more resources;

    2 - ArduIMU+ V2: it have a 6DOF IMU. It's an "all-in-one" flat board, with possibility to upgrade to 9DOF by adding an Magnetometer board attached to it. It have GPS connection too.

    The other one in the game is the "ArduPilot". It's an autonomous flying controller system. The oldest main board either the newest (ArduPilot Mega) may use that two AHRS mentioned above, or even an horizon sensor. But the purpose of the newest version of ArduPilot (the main board) is to use a shield that accumulates a lot of functions and peripherals, including a 6DOF IMU, black-box logging, pressure sensor, etc. The GPS will be connected directly to main board and there is a similar connection on shield to attach a magnetometer to make its IMU part a 9DOF one. I hope it can help you... and welcome to the community!
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