Radical M carbon gimbal


Radical M carbon gimbal


I would like to announce my newest project which was made during last few months.

Weight for 2 axis 520g

Weight for 3 axis 620g

Alex or other controller

All wires and pcb inside the frame

Camera size - Sony Nex or similar

Project sketch:


The drawings I've made in Rhinoceros; very simple and useful tool. After watching few tutorials I was able to draw this project.

Prototype, the surface not finished yet.

3689647114?profile=originalController is located inside Roll frame on the middle.
3689647050?profile=originalAnd first production 2 and 3 axis.3689647099?profile=original3689647163?profile=original73Pb8R9.jpg?1PSQOyxO.jpg?1M4PFWd3.jpg?1

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  • ^^"What Timothy said"

  • want one. Please let me know when it's on sale
  • How can one get in contact with you?

  • jacekheli - Here is a link for the New BlackMagic Mini for multi-Rotors with exact dimensions on one of the specification pages. Awesome gimbal design. I will certainly buy one if they are for sale...


    Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera – Design | Blackmagic Design
    The world’s smallest digital film camera with built in RAW and ProRes recording, and 13 stops of dynamic range.
  • If you contact Blackmagic they should provide you with drawings as a product developer. After all it sells their product.

  • In case of encoder, it is a next step and know that it it is necessity. If some of you are interesting with support with this topic, I'm open for discussion and cooperation.

  • Yeah Greg, when I started design with the gimabal I showed the sketches to my wife with question: is it enough sexy? She laugh, but understood my meaning. Except the minimum weight and usability the nice view was my concern as well. Back in to the question, I just now consider the design for Blackmagic micro and in this case I need more information about this camera. Maybe someone from the community have 3d drawings; it will be very use full for me during design phase.

    Chris, it is processing in the negative moulds and repeatable quality for each parts. It is a wed process, vacuum sack.

  • I would send a photo of this to Blackmagic and ask them if they would be interested in one designed for the micro. If you balance it for the camera specifically all you would need is fore aft movement for different lenses. Add the encoders and watch your bank account fill up. Do it before another company claims a game changer with this design. I think this is gimbal porn, just pure sexy.

  • Beautiful Design! Were you able to use female molds or did you go for a bladder?

  • what is the price point going to be?

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