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What does anyone think of this radio: Radio Control 4 Channel FM Transmitter Perfect for Helicopter and Airplane4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/ Right, Up/ Down Control ( RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE. Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor / Backyard / Park ( 500 sqft area )Includes:One 4 Channel FM Transmitter w. Tx Battery holderOne ReceiverOne Crystal SetOne Receiver Battery Box w/ BEC connectorTwo 9 Gram ServosOne Switch HarnessOne Tx AntennaBattery HolderRequires: 8 AA batteriesRegular price: $99.95Sale price: $44.95It looks good to me and very affordable. What does every one else think?Link:
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    Dont leap for a radio until you have seen some in the flesh. There are some very cheap ones out there.

    You will probably need 4 or 6 channels at very least.

    Remember measure twice, cut once.

    A flight sim with RC controller can be quite cheap, right now a UK modellin magazine is offering one with a subscription (RCME) now if a magazine does that over there you would score twice, great information and a sim.

    Probably the wisest thing you could do is get your dad to take you to a flying field, get him hooked and then he will sneak all the purchasing past mum!

    I very well remember saving up for my first 3 channel radio and it seemed like forever until I had the cash.

    I spent ages pouring over magazines looking at reviews though.

    Your lucky lborn in the internet age, all the information is out there, you just have to find it.
  • the best price for a radio system is :**&P=0
  • You may. But please, understand it's a cheap entry level radio made in China. That doesn't mean it's worth nothing, but don't be disappointed if you cannot do all you want with it or when it doesn't last as long as an intermediate brand radio (my Futuaba is 8 years old and I trust it more than some people! At least, you should be able to fly and experimenting stuff with your airframe. Also be aware I (personnaly) had not so good experience with Dynam micro servos. Their nylon bearings are not strong and last not years. I still have a few left and sure will use them, but only in light parkfliers or depron indoor planes.
    Before you buy from Ebay, if you know some aeromodelling club or shop in your region, you should check out if there's not someone out there ready to sell you a brand radio for 50 bucks. Also look at some online auctions sites. I started with bids on second hand brand material, and still do once in a while. This could also be an idea for other rc stuff.
  • Thanks I might buy that one you posted!
  • Well, you then have a 4 channel RC. But you'll lack at least a switch to turn something on/off remotely, like an autopilot for example. If you intend to do some parkflying, then it's fine with that. But anything a little more elaborate will be difficult. Even controlling a flying wing with flaperons will need an additional mixer.
    Try to find something 6 channels if you can. There are similar cheap products with 6 channels, like this for example for the same price.
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