Range Video's FPV flying wing, the RVJET

I'm always on the look out for a "perfect" plane.  What I've learned is that there is no such thing, every airframe is a compromise.  The idea now is to find the most versatile aircraft.  This might be it.

3689497048?profile=originalThere has been a lot of buzz around this plane at FPVLAB and RCG.  Range Video has been releasing tantalizing clips and updates for the past 6 months.  According to their site, it goes on sale in February.

I'm particularly excited about this plane because it is designed to be versatile.  It breaks down easily for storage and transportation, and will ship with two wing configurations.  Additional wing extensions can be added for endurance and potential soaring.  They have even proposed adding an additional fuselage.

The nose houses an integrated (no glare) pan tilt that is compatible with a GoPro.

3689497104?profile=original3689497171?profile=original3689497088?profile=originalA gentleman who goes by boopidoo on the forums is one of the designers and has posted a lot of good info.

The Range Video page has been updated with flight clips and shots from the manual.

Thus far, I've liked everything I've seen.  I'm hoping this turns out to be my "perfect" plane.  I can't wait to see some build logs and flight reviews.  Ideally, someone will build one with APM 2.5 and share their experiences.

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  • @Everyone
    Well I'm one of the designers and we have AFAIK not closed any threads. I actually started a new thread when rclab1 decided to close his.

    Unfortunately there has been a lot of ETA that has been impossible to fulfil. Recent event that are out of our hands have delayed the shipment. For us it's just to wait and see since the shipment has been delayed to customs inspection in the US. A process that apparentlt can take almost forever.

    Let's not start new rumors and stick to facts? ;)
  • Moderator
    @Mike, I have been dealing with Vova for many years now, and have had several frustrating periods where equipt has been promised and not restocked, or with emails and calls not returned.
    Yes, I have posted in those gripe threads too, and often regretted them the next day.

    But I have been impressed with the quality of the equipt and his dedication to the FPV/UAV community.
    RangeVideo has for years carried exactly the right mix of equipment I need, and I know Vova knows the hobby and is not just a cloner like many his competitors.

    I am one of those waiting impatiently for the RVJet and seeing the dates come and go, but I am not one of those hoping for an HK clone.
  • @Sgt Ric I never said "many" blogs were being closed.

    I said that I followed several blogs and that "some" (definition of some -  An unspecified amount or number of) them have actually been closed. - I was just trying to make the point of the blog's closing - sounds like you have been following this more closely than I have.

    My intent was not to mud-rake Range Video or cause a ruckus , I was just curious if the some of the other members thought that this scenario was starting to look a bit strange.

    I have read several of the other blogs you mentioned as well, with not much more info.

    Thanks in advance

  • Moderator

    @Mike The part about many blogs being closed is not entirely true.

    -RCGroups user rclab1 did close his thread down before he blew up and was editted out as being obnoxious, by the moderators over there, but several other threads still discuss the RVJet's breathlessly awaited arrival.

  • now if only it had roll and tilt gimbal and the ability to shoot straight down for aerial survey


  • Is this a HOAX or what?  I have been following several blogs on this aircraft for quite a while and some of them have actually been closed by the creator due to months and months of talk but no actual facts or aircraft - just the ole carrot on a string............

    The platform really looks good on paper, but i am afraid that is where it ends.  

    I heard from one source that Hobby King has already built, tested, and is reading for market within 1 -2 months an absolute carbon copy of the RVJET.  Now that is something that I do not have a hard time believing!!!!

  • The price has been announced: http://www.rangevideo.com/docs/pr_rvjet_upd2.pdf

  • price update anyone :)  or any updates regarding the availability of setups (arf/ bind n fly)

  • OK Vova,  It's next week....  What's the price?

  • ...however for most rudders is not needed and might not even be wanted so this mod has to be done by yourself. But fly it first and judge for yourself if they are really needed. If an extra fuselage or several extra extensions are added I guess the rudders might be needed but I think the normal configs work very well without.
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