Ranger ex UAV platform

New kid on the blog - the Ranger Ex UAS platform.



So much has happened since the good "old" days with multiplex easystar.

Now the "hobbyworld" of drones got working advanced autopilots and platforms in all kinds of designs to fit all kinds of drone jobs.

The new kid (Ranger ex platform) will soon be ready for buying.

The platform is a 2M wingspan with a LARGE fuselage.

Wings: Strong Epo foamFuselage: molded PVC (like FPVraptor)

Will carry 10000 mAh 4S lipo and still have room for everything. :-)

What do you think about what you see?

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  • does anyone know where to purchase one of these from yet I've looked at the site and cant find anything on them anywhere 

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  • Looks decent but there is so much room for improvement. I mean, what significant advantages does this offer over a, say, Skywalker? I'd like to see more along this line.. dedicated sUAS platforms with fpv centric modular mission compatibility. Flat platforms up front (looks like they kind of did this under the nose for the gimbal) for fitting whatever mission equipment you need. I see no need for that useless canopy. Put some flat pieces there to mount gear on or add an aerodynamic ball to mount your fpv cam/gimbal under. Make it less draggy. I do like the flat panel on the tail for the video Tx, but this isn't an innovation. I like the way this is moving though!

  • Looks nice, but that tarot gimbal is going to create a great deal of drag further reducing efficiency.  Plus, I would like to see how it holds up when this tail dragger noses over on a rough landing.  Better gimbal solution with a low price point and it could be a winner.  

  • Very nice design ! Do you have more photos?

  • Great plane but one really big disadvantage. The flat surface below the nose and the flat GoPro will create great amount of paracitic drag from the aspect of aerodynamics. So the averall efficiency will decrease as amperage draw wil increase.  I would put it in round housing made of plexiglass or something similar that conductes visible light.

  • very impressive aircraft. the inside seems to have enough room for 10000mAh battery and other UAV hardware. i think can take many other HD cameras.

  • anyone know where to get more info on this 

  • Looks cool - when can I get one.

    If the AirTitan from Finwing does not come out soon I will be buying one of these.

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