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BBC has run a story on a device that is cheap, small and seems to have a lot of potential for the UAV world. It can run linux, has ARM11 700Mhz, GPIO, SD/MCC-card slot and HDMI. It's the Raspberry Pi.

If this actually comes to market, it can be an interesting option for cheap embedded linux in UAV.

Check out the article and info:


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  • One of the individuals working on the Raspberry Pi has been working on a side project, an IO expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Awesome!


  • The word is,it plays Quake 3 on 1 watt of power.


    They are still shooting for a $25 USD pricepoint, with an ethernet jack for $35.  Are there any UAV tasks that warrant this kind of horsepower?


  • Well this is awesome! hope it works (commercially).  Want one.


    oh yeah DSL!  I use it to check scrapheap computers :D

  • Wow, this would be ten kinds of awesome; bookmarked.
    16 GB SD card can hold a full blown Linux distro; DSL comes to mind, seems almost made for this, actually.
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