RC/FPV mod for DJI Phantom


Pimping/modding your Phantom seems to be popular. Here is the latest offering from our friends at goodluckbuy:


For a USD 329.67, you get a 5 inch display and a CF box to put the RC electronics in but make sure that you check the features before you buy: "For Professionals". (so you really are a professional :-)

The little thumbstick located on the left side looks handy for controlling a gimbal though.

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  • Hi Guys,

    We are trying to work on our problems at the shop but please understand its a wix gui so our hands are a bit chained.

    We updated recently the price as an introduction price, soon our ground station will have a manual on how to assemble the kit.

    We keep track on all the feedbacks we get by mail or comments here, so any feedback is welcome.

    And recently we have started to use the GCS with APM, we installed a 6-pos rotary switch and it works just great!

    You can see in the photo the GCS with a stand for a phone with telemetry.


  • Admin

    Yep,  took some to figure/find price on the website. I did not try the cart how ever. :)

  • Moderator

    dronemaker has to seriously think about their web interface. It is difficult to find the price, very difficult to add it to the cart. 

    Update: hmm, seems they have changed few things.. I found it really difficult last time I checked. 

  • Developer

    Does the DJI controller binds with another RX? Spektrum, Orange etc? Or is it a proprietary thing? 


  • Admin

    Nope,  No funeral  for today.

    This one for 300+ $ does not come close to Diy   GCS that others have made in Pelican case. However this one looks better than the  dronemaker kit

    The space between top and bottom plates seems less and may be congested. Also not happy with spacing between two antennas.

    Nice Try but I would not call this a GCS , may be FPV RC Box.

  • And where exactly do you check the features? :D 

  • Looks like a funeral for: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/phantom-ground-control-station

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