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    I would feel much safer if "terrorists" started using DIY drones. The chances of them ever working and actually reaching a target would be much less then if driving a car, walking or about anything else. And if they did reach a target, the payload would be minimal...
  • Let's start a new project! MIM-104 Patriot scale for every house!
  • Nuclear weapons are pretty simple compared to most technologies today.It is getting the refined radioactive material that is difficult.

  • Let's put everything in perspective and think that the recepi for a atomic bomb is on the web....... !

    So, back to wath we love to do ...... meaning ...  have DIY funtime


  • I am more worried about the child molesters, drug dealers, car thieves, arsonists, gangbangers, corrupt politicians, mobsters, homicidal maniacs and rapists that live in my town than some group of rhomicidal maniacs in a desert hallf a planet away.
  • , "well what are we going to do tonight then?" And just like out of a bad kid's tv show they all at the same time yell "Call of Duty Black Ops Sleeper Cell Slumber Party!"



    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how terrorists could use bloggers to rein terror upon the Good People of the USA. Point of the story? We must introduce profiling... bloggers need to keep their big mouths shut!




    I can't believe I just wrote all that out.

  • A brief read over his comments and it turns out the point of his article has nothing at all to do with RC, but his want of 'profiling'. What a clown.


    However, I will take this opportunity to warn you all of an unknown threat to us all. Imagine this scenario:


    Mohammed Mohammed from Al-Qaida moves up from Mexico into the United States thanks to the shocking state of border control. He meets Mahammed Mohammed and Mohamad Mohammad and his friend Bob at an Applebees in New York. They are all discussing their evil plans over a delicious plate of pancakes. Mahammed, the ring leader says to his band of followers "Allahu Akbar, gentlemen, it is time for us to rein down hell on these infidels... -Mohamad for the love of Allah! You've got enough sugar on your pancake already!- what was I saying, yes, raining down hell etc etc, my plan is ingenious, we take loud mouth fear mongering bloggers and shove PETN (supplied by Al Qaidia Exporting Inc, quality stuff, no cheap imitations) down their throats thanks to their overly large mouths." Mohamad's face lights up "brilliant! no one would suspect an overweight blogger walking down Times Square!! We could detonate him right right in the middle! The damage would be catastrophic!" The whole group breaks into synchronised evil laughing that they had practiced many times before, creating an extremely awkward atmosphere for the other diners. All except Bob, who was not necessarily interested in Jihad based activities and more interested in a lunch paid for by the Al Qaida conglomerate, thoughtfully said to the rest of the group "wait a minute, these bloggers seem to be doing more damage to the country on their own than an incident in Time Square could." The others look at him confused, and then they realise he is correct. Mohamad starts laughing, "wow that was close, I nearly organised a meeting with one. Those guys are crazy!" Mahamad, who had taken a liking to the plan was a bit disappointed, "well wha

  • Yup. but then we would have to admit that our entire Govt is run by terrorirsts. The USA economy and Govt would collapse without using fear to get the people to back money making wars and subvert the US Constitution. Far too many Americans would rather have a false sense of security than a single freedom. Welcome to the USSRA.

    Essau effect: "Trading your birthrights for a mess of pottage"

  • I think a new term is needed for this of fear mongering. I think something like "freedom terrorist", in which the terrorist scares everyone into calling for the limiting of freedoms of a specific group.

    I mean by the exact definition of the word terrorise:

    tr.v. ter·ror·ized, ter·ror·iz·ing, ter·ror·iz·es
    1. To fill or overpower with terror; terrify.
    2. To coerce by intimidation or fear. See Synonyms at frighten
    By definition this guy is a terrorist, is he not?
  • T3



    Maybe the US Gov could charge Trappy under the same provisions?

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