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  • I found this part most amusing:

    "Thanks to the near total absence of border security, infamous Al Qaida terrorist mastermind Mohammed Haid d’Salaami enters the United States from Mexico and takes up residence in Bergen County, New Jersey - posing as a friendly falafel vendor"

    The fact that not only is he assuming that people of middle eastern decent should hide out, disguised as Falafel Vendors, but he continues to go ahead and plan their next terrorist attack for them. They should hire this guy.


    It would be silly to assume that the infamous NYC Flyby would be the thing to give terrorists this idea. The concept of RC flown bombs was in my mind back in primary school because I though "How cool would it be if i could drop water bombs on my mates from the remote controlled plane?!?!?!"


    So it all comes down to a few small but very important facts. If you want to do something bad, you're going to find a way to do it, and just because an individual conducted a safe, controlled, uneventful flight that caused a few pots to boil, doesn't mean he was the first to ever come up with the idea.

  • Okay so here is the plan: Get some fake beards and muslim outfits. Then we figure out where this guy lives and buzz his house until he cracks. Who wants to place bets on when he goes nuts?

  • My comment to this article:


    Since terrists could easily turn ice-cream trucks into car bombs like the ones used countless times from Tel Aviv to Oklahoma City as well as the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (yes, 9/11 was the second attack. fool me once…..), I think we should shut down Good Humor, Jack and Jill and all those other potential murderer mobiles. Maybe they are already poisoning our children and pumping anthrax into the air.

    This article is just ridiculous. If you are that paranoid I suggest you see a psychiatrist so you can leave your secure facilty and go outside of your bomb shelter wthout all your body guards."

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