RcDetails.info - 2 years, still online

RcDetails.info - It's a database for RC components: brushless motors, servos, ESCs etc

I added a lot of new features (some features still in development), rewrote largest part of code.

You can help me to make best and largest database:
if you see wrong properties, or maybe you know additional values (maybe I missed something) you can add suggestions:
also you can write comments (you have to login via Facebook, Google, MS)


And brief stat:


Welcome: www.rcdetails.info

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  • handy wee site :)
    change your homepage title to something more SEO friendly should help you rank a little better.
    also adding a meta description or some placement text should help in google with a better description for the site.

    other than that, great little site :)

  • I've just tryed it and got bad links for servo

  • +1

  • Oh nice! Definately bookmarked for future use :)

  • 2Splinter:

    Sorry, post was accidentally published, before uploading latest changes to server.

    sorting: fixed.

  • 100KM
    I just want to say thank you for this service, I use it frequently. Looking forward as always to more suppliers and products.
  • It would be great if search results could be sorted per column...

This reply was deleted.