Real strobes for your plane !

I personally don't like these constants LEDs very much,

how cool is that:  a real xenon strobe like in real airplanes - for your RC plane !


I've flown with it last evening - it was AWESOME !  

draws much attention...




can get it here

that's the effect it has +/- :









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  • Pretty cool, but according to the description: Current draw (@5v): 200ma ~ 900ma  - that's too big consumption, I think.

  • Admin

    Thanks Arhexa, I always wanted  real mini strobe for my crafts. Hate the LED ones. Good find

  • well, haven't  had any issues,

    but i would definitely recommend running it off a second BEC (a switching mode one will waste much less energy)

  • That's pretty cool and cheap too. I would think EMI from the strobe leads could be a problem. Have you noticed any twitching servos when they flash? An interesting experiment would be to try and intentionally cause EMI by placing the leads near sensitive electronics, servo leads ect. to see what the limits are, if any. I would keep it away from the autopilot/receiver and servo leads.

  • Moderator

    Seems like a decent idea. How much does it weigh?

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