Really fine RPAS filming


I think the trouble with an awful lot of multirotor footage is that its all about the multirotor footage. I see way too many zoom climbs, reveals and drone films XYZ from above its just dull. I have a feeling the general viewing public is also getting used to it so for late arrivals they are going to have to work hard to get noticed.

This short film of Scottish cycling genius Danny MacAskill uses the RPAS to get the job done but does it in a way that adds to the story rather than being the centre of attention. Anybody that knows about Munros has heard the reputation the Cuillin Ridge has.

Of course all shot commercially and perfectly legally in the UK. Job well done Lec Park.

If you happen to be in the UK there will be a 30 minute documentary of the making of next Friday, look out for it on iPlayer.

Here's another Danny movie for those that are only hearing about him for the first time in this post


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  • Had a chance to interview Lec Park about the shoot. Looks like he's got some cool projects going on, and that this might not be his last time working with Danny. What an inspiration. Hope I can get that good one day :)

  • People are really excited about the technology and end up either overusing it or testing to see what works and what doesn't work.  There's some funny instances of people literally flying their Phantoms inside residential and commercial spaces just to get a few simple panning shots.  

  • I had to reach for the cold spoon after watching that,awesome.

  • That guy is crazy but soo skilled! thanks for sharing this great footage

  • T3

    I think adding a human element to fpv videos takes them from blah to interesting.

    The fence jump was insane. 

  • Awesome. I've read that the first ancient rule of cinematography is that the camera should be invisible. Just keeping that one thing in mind has improved my footage a lot.

  • MR60

    Absolutely awesome.

  • Being DIYDrones it's natural that the focus here is more on the technical side of the technology itself. But the site is testimony to the many different applications people put that technology too which is very exciting to read about. The Multirotors Forum is more specific to the use of multirotors for use in filming. Have a look through the 'Show Us What You Filmed' thread to see some stunning videos from professionals around the world. 

  • Absolutely Incredible!

    And great videography.

    Thank you for bringing this to us Gary

  • At least now I know how to get over a fence.

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