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  • For third-party machines, i.e. not an "iris", is the camera pitch gimbal connection meant to be on I/O pin 11, as shown in the gimbal info on the site, in order for the APM to control it for ROI?

  • I am very new to Ardupilot and to this forum. I recently purchased the 3DR Y6 RTF with Pixhawk. I love it so far. I recently upgraded the firmware to 3.2 rc14 in order to utilize some of the functions that didn't work in v 3.1.5 (ROI, Follow me, Spline waypoints, etc), all of which seem to work really well now. There is one issue that I am stuck on. I have mounted my Walkera 2 axis gimbal (yes I know it's not exactly high quality) on the copter, and for the most part it works well with the channel 6 control knob. However, as soon as i use the ROI feature, it points straight to the ground throughout the rest of the mission.

    Does anyone know what might be going on here? any thoughts on how I might fix this issue? Is this a bug in the firmware, or just incompatibility with the gimbal itself (remember, it works fine the rest of the time)?

    Is there any way to retain manual pitch control while the copter is in ROI mode?


  • Great tutorial guys! Arthur, or anyone who knows, can you advise me how to configure the camera pitch channel in the parameters so that it will "grab" the channel when in region of interest mode and pitch the camera down to look directly at the ROI?

  • yes please that was an awesome feature. defenelly is also one of the reason why i pursue this system. please......

  • I to would like to see it back   thank you

  • Developer

    ROI will be re-implemented soon. We just need to finish some background cleaning before that.

    @yudi irawan: Please update to the latest stable version (v2.2.4 RC6), you are using a beta version (and some feature on the beta are not fully finished).

    @Mark: Both need the adaptor if you are going to use USB. The discrepancy is because the list is user-maintained, so fell free to clear it up (there is no need of saying that the adaptor is needed, because when you don't need an adaptor that you have the exception (just a couple of tablets have a usb type A connector)).

  • Im also curious why in the list of compatible tablets Nexus 7 is listed as well as Samsung Galaxy 3 but says (micro usb adapter required). both the Nexus and the Samsung have the same micro USB ports.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, bring back 'Region of Interest' to Droind Planner 2.0!!! ;-)

    Its the only reason I decided on buying the 3DR Iris Quadcopter.

    Any Idea if and when it will be brought back?

  • 3692938176?profile=originalHi adam, I have tried the droidplanner 2.0 this is very cool software, I Think better than before, this is simple but very nice. This morning I had tried region of interest feature, but I think this is not working for me. The front camera of myquad did not pointing to the refion of interest waypoint that I set before. Buat the quad flied folowing the waypoint  very well.

    When I  arming my quad, the region of interest waypoint was disappear, and also the takeoff and land waypoint. Is it right way? 

    This is after arming




  • Adam, that is so weird because in 2.8.1 or maybe 2.7.3, it was perfect.
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