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Hi Guys


I wanted to let the DIYDRONES members know we have released the New G-frame and will start production this week. We were able to get a great rate from our CNC partner and have passed this on to everyone here. The price for the complete G-frame (G10) is $149.99 at the FPVQUADS.COM website on pre-order. We expect to ship the first units in 2-3 weeks. The price includes the complete G-Frame, Built in Gimbal with servos and all hardware. Just drop in the 3D Robotics ARM 2.5 and some FPV gear and your all set. We have a small video here and will post several more over the next few days. We have tested with ARM 2.5 (2.9.1) and with DJI Naza GPS and both units perform fantastic. Just the cost of most GoPro gimbals is more that the complete package. Flight times we are getting with the test units is coming in about 14 mins with 4S 4000MhA @ 80% battery use. Let me know if you have any questions and we are always very happy to help. We think the cool design with arms functioning as landing gear and the new ESC housing located under the motors offers a clean and functional unit.



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  • Hi Stew

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah LOL we almost called it Scorpion but in the final design we lost the GPS tail as we got mixed performance with the GPS located at the rear. We also had the battery on the bottom but could not get a good CG in the design so we extended the rear and added the battery on top. Made it fly super good and very smooth. Thanks again for your comments.

    Good Flying to you.


  • Should have called it "The Scorpion"....just sayin :) 
    It's a cool design. Not too sure what to think about the wheels...But a very cool design.

  • Hi Tom

    Thanks for the comments. Yes you are correct. We will get them posted sometime tomorrow. For the motor mounts we use a standard cut out that can take most motors. We have tested with T-motors, DJI Motors, Avroto motors and a few others and all offer a different experience and flight times. We will post several close up photos for your review. Full details spec will also be post at the same time. Again sorry about that but we will get it listed for you.


  • It would be helpful if you posted the specs for this airframe on at least your website. Weight, size, what sort of motor drilling, etc. Maybe some more closeup pics.

  • Hi "J"

    Thanks for the question. We do not have this unit right now to do a test but thanks for the heads up we will review this controller and check it out. But it seems there should be no issues.


  • Will it work with  ?

  • Hi Neil

    We are thinking $15.00 - $20.00 Could be less we have to see what we get charged after the production run. Hey thanks for your question and happy flying.


  • Like the design, how much does a spare arm cost?

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