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  • Ok again, you reveal your lack of paying attention to detail. They said that the give away was limited to $100 per household. Thus if you know basic math 100*1000= ... Thats right $100,000. Again practice on the details...From their site "So this is a way for us to evenly enable all the students and great minds of the world to pickup a $100 worth of free gear. Go for it!" Notice how the numbers after the $ are 100? This is not to be confused with $1000. there is a huge difference. It was also stated, I can dig up the proof if you so desire, that you get UP TO $100 of free stuff in your cart but if you desire to purchase more you still pay for the shipping AND the difference after the $100. I swear I can feel myself getting dumber just trying to talk to you about this.
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  • Agreed, enough spam on RSS already.
  • someone close this thread
  • your quote "My only complaint I have is the same as everyone else who had issues, and most of that was being able to successfully purchase stuff and get $100 off or to get $100 worth of goodies."
    that was never SF offer it was to GIVE AWAY $1000 to the first people to get thru the door.
    not to give $100 to everyone who wants to buy something and I see YOU speak for a EVERYONE ELSE
  • how exactly was it poorly executed
  • Wow your really missing the whole thing aren't you? First off no where in anything I have said have I said "I deserve" or "I never had a chance". Dont put words in my mouth. Second off, sure $100 in free toys would be nice but its only $100 not like anyone is winning the powerball. In all honesty im not loosing sleep over this, there are other places I can get my parts from if I so choose to do so. I also said from a business perspective that I totally understand why it was done. Boiled down all I am saying and have been saying, this is where you should pay attention so listen closely, it was a good idea but poorly executed and left many people upset. But also from a business perspective is giving away $100,000 in toys worth bringing in more business and free press but also hurting many would be customers? Well only the future will tell. But I am drawn to SF and I also like the stuff they have there and dont have any problems with the company I may very well still order my $300 worth of toys from them. My only complaint I have is the same as everyone else who had issues, and most of that was being able to successfully purchase stuff and get $100 off or to get $100 worth of goodies. Even those who did get through I have heard complaints from because of the struggles. I have explained it to you the best I can. If I had to clear it up any more then I have I would have to spell it out for you in colorful little alphabet magnets on your fridge.
  • do it again same outcome 1000 get 69,000 get turned away
    the boo hoo hoo is your crybaby selfish I deserve atitude
    I had fun I will buy from SF I think it was fair
    you say you never had a chance what better chance sid those that won have
    you are just a bad sport
  • oh trust me it went just as they planned. 1000 people get things and 69,000 are left there with nothing. Well those 69,000 still want that $100 of stuff in their cart so a percentage of them will order it and sparkfun will make big bucks. So give away 1000 orders and get tens of thousands of paid orders :D
  • Guys, it was a cute little race and you lost, get over it. Sheesh. There's no reason to keep whining about it days on end.

    1000ish people got some goodies, Sparkfun got their brand new multi-million server tested in real, non-laboratory conditions, got loads of press attention and fun was had by (almost) all. And now there's a herd of cry babies who feel insulted by the fact that they didn't win any candy.

    I really believe that a 'boo hoo' is appropriate here.
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