Remzibi OSD and video + radio RSSI

3689404179?profile=originalIn fact with my installation , i am using currently 2 Remzibi OSD.

-The one in the plane is standard with a Flytron Current sensor which is measuring the Instant consumption and the Average current consumption + Radio RSSI + Home + plane battery voltage + Radio RSSI + GPS Altitude and speed.

-The other OSD is for the Ground station and currently i am using this OSD for Video reception RSSI monitoring and Ground station Voltage control.

Thanks to your wonderful OSD and i manage to overlap the 2 OSD information and Display on my goggles.

In real time , i have on my display all the information regarding the Radio RSSI from the plane and Video Ground Station RSSI and voltage.

Currently i am using HK 900Mhz 200mw and the RSSI video voltage available is -4.7 Volts for a minimum video signal strenght and -0.2 Volts for a maximum video signal strenght. I am using ADC2.

Video from the Plane ------> HK receiver tuned on 980Mhz -------> Video RSSI to Remzibi ADC2 + Video output from the receiver to Remzibi Video input --------> Video Ouput from the Remzibi to video input of the Eagleeyes diversity --------> Video goggles display with both information (plane and Ground station).

With the OSD configuration tool , i am using two configuration sets for the display.

-One OSD Setup for the plane Inboard OSD.
-One OSD Setup for the Ground station OSD.

The information overlapping is very easy to achieve (Remzibi configuration tool) and so far it is working very well.

Currently , i am retrieving the Video RSSI from one receiver only (the one with the 8db patch antenna).

(see picture above)

Hereafter , a picture for the 900Mhz receiver RSSI Pin (The one shown by the philips screw driver)


This configuration is really useful for long range flying and both RSSI information are assisting me for a safe flying.
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  • That's good news. I have asked Remzibi to make it possible to "right justify" the objects...but he's been out of program space since the unfortunately it can't be done....


    Nice work by the way. It's always nice to see people making stuff work!!!!

  • Hi Happykillmore, first of all many thanks for the fantastic job you achieve with Remzibi for the OSD. Yes , they are quit close but in fact not overlap too much when blinking.
  • I notice that many of your objects are red. This *may* cause flashing of some characters as your objects are too close/overlap with one another.
  • 3D Robotics
    The picture is still not showing. Please download it to your desktop and embed it using the picture icon in the editing bar.
  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry for that , this is my first post and i am not so familiar with the blog .

    I will have some spare time now and will be able to contribute more actively.
  • 3D Robotics
    The second picture link doesn't work. Can you please just embed that picture in the post, as I have done with your first picture?
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