Remzibi OSD + APM Integration v2.1.2


1/ Software Update on the integration of Remzibi OSD and APM

I am just updating Blake's and binzi's Blog contents:  Blake and binzi

I do not know how to make a firmware for APM Planner, so you will need to use Arduino GUI tool


Replace your ArduPilotMega folder with the ArduPilotMega folder from


Configure the APM_Config.h to your need

//to deactivate use OSD_PROTOCOL_NONE

// port 3 is the telem port on the shield
#define OSD_PORT            3

// set a radio switch to activate/deactivate the OSD output :

// below 1450 will display the OSD

// above 1450 will stop displaying the OSD

#define OSD_MODE_CHANNEL    6

// choose your unit to display the disctance to waypoint in feet or meter
#define OSD_UNIT            OSD_UNIT_METER
//#define OSD_UNIT            OSD_UNIT_FEET

Then follow the normal process from the wiki above.


2/ Hardware

To connect your APM with the Remzibi OSD, you need to have a cable from Telem port to Remzibi GPS port. GND and TX (from APM) are enough.

If you do not see any OSD info at first, stop your camera feed to see if the OSD shows up anything. You might be starting in the wrong TV mode (PAL/NTSC). You just have to push the OSD button for about 1 second.


3/ Remzibi

You need to use Remzibi OSD software from Remzibi site and update your layout with APM.bin and flash the firmware using ARDU firmware (Announcement) in the same software.

Note: for metric or feet units , be carefull to use the right unit in the Remzibi OSD software. You need to change the APM_Config.h for feet/meter of the next waypoint in the status at the bottom



Once everything is connected, normally the APM sets HOME for the OSD once it gets a GPS_fix. If you connected your OSD after that, then you can just push the OSD button once to force the HOME location on the OSD.

The arrow and distance from home will always display home direction and distance to home direction. It won't show the next waypoint direction (too complicated yet )


5/ what's new

I have updated all the units and it should be displaying proper values now


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  • * Nice johann. What Was the issue ?
    Number of Sats won t work as ublox is not configured to output it.
    Later Lon should work though. What does it show?
  • I didn't flash the bootloader, my boards are from DIYDrones store. I just used the ISP programmer to verify the fuses and this is what I find:

    APM Boards.


    Arduino Mega board:


    I think my boards came from a batch that were wrong set by mistake. If that is the case could be a lot more around there.

  • @johann: You need to flash the ARDU firmware using hte HK tool and use the bin layout with the Artificial Horizon (optional)

    @juampa: This is interesting. Did you flash your bootloader yourself ? I never had the problem on my boards.

  • I tried to upload to Arduino Mega board (no APM board) with success. Just found the problem, my APM boards came with fuses set wrong. Bootloader start is wrong, preventing to write from 0x1E000 to 0x1EFFF.  Brown out detection is different that Arduino Mega too.
  • Juampa: can you publish York apm_config.h
    Johann i use ublox as well. Haver you tries to push The remzibi button once to set home or for 2s to set pal ntsc
  • Default APM package uploads great. I can't upload any skecth over 122880 bytes (0X1E000). Tried with several boards and different computers, it's hard to believe that are all bad.
  • @johann: Remzibi works without the need of Xbee . This is what I have.Remzibi only receive information. and init_telemtry will fail I suppose but it will still output OSD data to the Remzibi OSD.

    Do you see anything at all on the display ? do you see the spash screen like on the few first seconds of the video above ?

    @Juampa: I use 1280 and it works. Have you tried the default APM package ? Your message seems strange.

  • Good work! I'm trying to upload the sketch to APM 1280 board but I can't get it.

    Is anyone getting this? Are you using 2560 boards?

    Binary sketch size: 124510 bytes (of a 126976 byte maximum)
    avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x1e000
             0x74 != 0xff
    avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

  • Hi Matthias,
    Many thanks for the update but unfortunately i have no spare times during the past few days and i will try ASAP when my job will give a piece of mind.
  • Developer

    Glad to see you fly with OSD !

    You can add pins to port 0 send TM down to GCS. I send at 38400 but 57600 will work too.

    Good work!

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