Remzibi's OSD now shows ArduPilot data

Remzibi has released a new version of his firmware today. V1.60 includes an early version of his new messaging system that can be used for lots of other applications as well as ArduPilot.Device ConnectionOSD_your_device1.JPGFor details on the interface and more info as it develops please take a look at this thread: Output through OSDArduRemzibi2.gif
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  • What is the best OSD to add to an arducopter? I will be using a gopro HD and 5.8GHz transmitter.
  • I´m on it! 100%!!!
  • Luis, I'd like you to be a part of this discussion/tutorial on RCGroups.
  • Ok i will try to do all this again, so just to be sure Happy, the wires that goes from the GPS to the OSD are the RX and the TX only correct? And they are connected like this GPS TX / OSD RX and the other GPS RX/OSD TX. is this correct?
  • See the post # 116 it is possible to work with the shild on it, i just couldn´t do it. That post is from Sep 14, 2009, 09:52 PM so i hope someone have by now experience on this that could tell me how to!
  • HappyKillmore so you could put all this working together with the OSD GPS but without the shild? But in the RCgroup forum people are using the OSD GPS along with the Ardupilot shild and they say it work fine.
  • 3D Robotics
    I'm not sure that the current ArduPilot code supports the Remzibi GPS. Have you tried using a separate GPS module for ArduPilot? My understanding is that the Remzibi GPS antenna is not large enough for reliable autopilot use.

    Ideally, the Remzibi OSD would use the ArduPilot GPS, rather than the other way around. I know we've been planning to integrate these two better, but it hasn't been as high priority as some other tasks.
  • I too have never gotten GPS lock with the ArduShield in place. I can get a GPS lock without it.
  • Well i have try to put this all together like in the scheme above but i still dont have a GPS lock on the Ardupilot! Please see the picture and see if i´m doing something not correct!

  • I hope i can do this myself!!!!
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