Reptile 500 FPV Rebuild








There was a blog post a while ago of someone who made his wiring very clean by wrapping it together, so I decided to do the something cause I was very tired of all these random wiring sticking out everywhere. I also decided to move the battery to the bottom of the quad so that the quad is not so out of balance with the battery at the back. 

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  • @christiaan in using 2212 1000KV with 10X5 in front and sunnysky 980KV with 10X4.5 at the back

  • Have any of you tried putting smaller props at the back as what the front once are or vise versa? I wonder what the difference will be.

  • @Jeroen Brosens, i fly a 9X5 before but less flight time and it drift a lot so i change to 10X4.5. im planning to try 10X3.8 from RCtimer and im still waiting till it arrives.

  • @jan michael: the props are 9x5 carbon, I also used 10x4.7 nylon/carbon before which were also nice but less stiff. Since I am running 4S and 980KV motors, the smaller diameter is a little more efficient.

  • Seems nice, maybe a bit too large props for a 4S setup I'd say, but the motors look powerful enough. It won't be an agile acro quad, but you may get long flight times.

  • @jeroen is that 10X5 or 10X3.8? cos im planning to replace my props with RC timer 10X3.8 here's my rig.


  • Well on my motors hover is around 60% of throttle and you can push your throttle only up to around 90% before the ESC's cut out that gives me 30% of throttle to manuaver around and that is not enough I need my throttle hover to be around 40 or 50% and that is what the stronger motors will give me.

  • These are SunnySky 2212 980KV motors, I don't think they are more than 200W. The props are 9x5 carbon and I fly using Zippy Compact 3700mAh 4S lipos. I've also mounted original DJI arms as those are quite cheap and a lot stiffer than those that came with the frame. When I am hovering, the setup draws about 18A, so that is only 18 * 16.8 / 4 = 75W per motor. About twice that when I give a throttle boost. Don't you think 400W is a little overpowered?

  • Its a very nice setup, but I can immediately see that your motors is much stronger than mine, I have that 200watt DJI crap, I have ordered 400watt motors with carbon fiber props. I think the weak motors can also be a reason.

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