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HI, I was busy at Christmas and didn't do anything on the Uav, so yesterday got into it and got the 2nd wing glued and mounted the rear wing tubes.


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  • Thank you Yves,

    An aluminium spacer would protect the cf from wearing around the hole and from crushing when ocertighting the screw. But still, If you put a 10 OD/8 ID alu spacer in the 12mm CF tube, there will be no space left for bothe the servo wire and the screw...

  • It is a good idea for both tubes.

    But we must put a spacer inside, to avoid crushing the tube.

  • Hi there

    Could you share any idea on how to lock the 12mm CF tube inside the 14mm tube? I think that simply drilling a hole to allow a screw & nut, would make the two CF tubes wear around the hole PLUS you would have to make sure the screw doesn't hurt the servo wire that goes in the tube.

  • Yves, thanks for the update, I have yet to design the tail section, I will probably go for a H Tail as the Autopilots take less to set one up and will allow me to easliy change sizes to fid the right mix.

  • Gary,

    At landing there was a small recovery altitude with the wind and there have been directly stall. My mistake, be carefull until the model stops moving.

    For other problems, the most important is that the fuselage of the model has too much surface on its side. the tail is too small to do its job then.  Looks at the Richard's model, it's flatter, it's the solution. For the rest I have try another type of tail, but it didn't work better.

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    Gravity always wins, landing is never an issue!

  • Nice one yves is landing one of problems you are having? Can you give more details ? Do you have any handling problems?
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    Very nice Yves
  • Yes, I made one too. Still some problems to solve. Here are the pictures and construction.



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