Robot Ground Vehicle Chassis


Robot ground vehicle, just add brains. See it running at:

I thought I would like to start building ground vehicles & high powered servos and offering them for sale. This is the first attempt at a large rolling chassis - it happily carries people around for rides and has a wheelbase of approx 865mm (a bit less than a yard).

It is:

- 24V with 12V and UBEC available on board

- Large slow revving brush motor that is ultra reliable and very quiet

- Massively powerful steering servo

- Simple RC inputs for steering and motor drive

- Forward and reverse controlled by transmitter stick position

- Heavy duty 25mm frame to carry sensors, arms, manipulators, etc

Cost? Somewhere around the sort of price you would expect to pay for an RC car at your local hobby shop.

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  • I'm really keen to know what components were used in this build or if they are still available? does anyone know? I realise i'm posting 4.5 years late!

  • I did indeed, though I still have the original!

    It seems that people want custom designs and I'm good with that sort of thing. I can't show any photos of work that I've done for other people, but if you want an all terrain electric or gasoline (petrol) vehicle with any sensor mounting you desire, and robot arm/manipulator that you like, just drop me a line.

  • Hi Ned. Did you go ahead with some building and orders of these?

  • After a bit of work, I can tell you that to ship from our location (near Byron Bay) to Epping 2121 is about $98. Other places around Australia would be proportional.

  • Oh yes, servo design. I recommend that anyone contemplating such a thing should read a series of excellent articles:

    Otherwise, the motors (worm drive is generally the go) are available commercially, as are the h-bridge drivers. Feedback is generally by a pot, as in any RC servo. Shaun, if you want to swap recipes, drop me a PM.

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  • Delivery in Australia won't be too much. I've had a lot of experience shipping old engines and those things are serious heavy but shipping was very reasonable. Mark, I'll get you a quote ASAP - I've been away in a place that didn't have WiFi. True wilderness.

  • I too would be interested to know the price delivered in Australia (2121)


  • Can you tell us more about your steering servo and motor controller.  I have made a powerful servo using a Pololu controller and a $20 seat motor.  Curious how you did yours.



  • Since I am in Australia :-)

  • For those interested in shipping costs, I have a funny story relating to the fact that everybody wants to import stuff INTO Australia. It really throws agents off their game if you ask for a price to EXport an item - you have to imagine frantic scuffling and tense whispers behind the scenes as they try to find someone who knows something about the subject.

    Anyway, as for shipping to the US, the cheapest option is an actual ship at around $220 in shipping plus another $220 for customs clearance in the US. You can fill in all the forms and save yourself most of the customs cost if you do it yourself.

    The most expensive option is FedEx at around $850.

    For some reason, quotes for shipping to the UK & Europe are much harder to obtain, but I imagine that they will be around the same order of magnitude. More news as it comes to hand.

    Nobody is keen to ship anything with batteries so the cost of the vehicles themselves without batteries but otherwise ready to go (that includes an RC transmitter) is looking to be around $AU1300

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