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I'm a student at UT Dallas, and we have a ROS driver for the AR.Drone. It is an early version, and it has almost the same functionality as the ardrone_brown package. The main difference and advantage is that it is written using rosjava and javadrone.

This means that no matter how broken the official SDK is on current or future versions of Linux, we could always have a ROS driver as long as a Java Virtual Machine is present. Moreover, if somebody has the skills this could be ported to Windows or Android, since it does not use native code at all.

You can find this package at

There are a couple of Wiki entries explaining how to install and use it.

Suggestions and bug fixes are very welcome!

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Comment by Barrett Ames on June 19, 2012 at 1:38pm

Java should be natively portable between Operating Systems (it was actually one of the design points of the language). You should be able to move java written on a *nix box to a windows box, at least theoretically. What do you think needs to be ported? 


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