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  • It will flip over (mine did) if you don't let the controller and heli sync up on a hard flat surface like the YouTube video shows. Unless it is synced as shown it has a mind of its own and will act possessed.
  • That makes sense. I usually change the battery when I replace a rotor...I'm still learning to fly. After the loctite has time to dry it doesn't flip...

    That should be on their web site and or they could of replied to my email. Thanks a bunch for your insight. Think I'll just come here if I have other questions!

  • I don't see why the act of changing the battery would cause it to start tilting one way or the other unless you've mounted it off-center. Make sure your props are tight. Usually when your copter is leaning one way or the other, you think it's the trim, so check the trim, but I was in a situation where it kept wanting to flip to one side, and it turned out that one of the rotors on one side was just loose enough to not spin at the same rate as the others. You're supposed to tighten the rotors with a small screwdriver and use some loctite to glue the rotor caps down. Rotor Concept has a youtube video on how to glue the rotors on their web site.

  • I bought one at a security show and am not too happy. Flys good but then when you change the battery it wants to flip over to the right, Any help?

  • Having same issues getting Mr. Le / RC to respond to orders/emails as well.  Would NOT recommend buying anything from RC.  This is just a $180 LotusRC T180 that you can order all day from


  • It flew OK right out of the box, but ever since that first crash, I haven't been able to fly it because of the broken trim switch and now something is wrong with the left-right control. I don't know what I'm going to do with it; I'd really like to fly it, but I can't get it more than an inch off the ground without it flipping over. What goes up must come down, but thing thing won't even go up. Scott, you might consider buying it from OG instead of Rotor Concept.

  • OK so it isn't really all that its made out to be? I did notice that on a few websites of videos of the first flight it seemed as though the accelerometer did very little to actually help it seemed more like scam to try and make its sound like it was super amazing and try to get new people to buy it, I would have bought it right on the spot earlier but the guy demoed it and he couldn't take his hands off the controller for even a second so I got a little suspicious and decided to hold off on it and I'm glad I did.
  • My boss bought one of these at a construction equipment show so we could photograph our projects, and I've had a lot of trouble with it. I crashed fairly quickly and needed new blades. They'll sell you new blades for $30 or $40 for the high performance blades, but you can buy the same blades for $10 elsewhere on-line.  So, after I got my new blades, I noticed the trim switch on the controller was broken. I don't know how this could have happened because I only used the thing once or twice. Rotor Concept was good enough to replace the controller and now I have no left-right control, so the thing is useless. Note, I think the left-right control was broken even before I sent the controller back because I didn't have any control over left-right before I sent it in and I mistakenly attributed it to the broken trim switch. I've been trying to get in touch with Rotor Concept about the lack of left-right control, but I haven't received an answer yet after one week and three emails, and I know they are receiving them. Lastly, the camera mount is on back-order since the end of February, and it's now April, so even if I could fly the thing, we wouldn't be able to take pictures with it.

    I'm not nearly as experienced as some of these other posters, but I think if I were going to invest in a quad again, I'd just go to my local hobby shop and ask them for a copter that will suit my aerial photography needs and one for which they have spare parts available.

  • Hey I know this is kinda an old post but i dont really know what to think of this quadrocopter but its being offered at a show for $350, its the hpq-1 is it worth picking one up for that price or just pass on it? Comes with everything but a camer but it has a metal case included. Any thoughts hopefully soon if you could.
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