ROWLAND F1-535 nears production status

So guys here is what a finished one looks like. The level of stabilization is unbelievable, a key factor is in the torsional rigidity of the motor arms and the weight of the props. Whatever you do electronically I think it will be impossible to replicate this with upright long motors on a long stick. Demo videos will start when the weather improves. Bur after weeks of non stop wind and rain, efforts have been shifted to further dev. work.   


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  • I am working on demo vids. at the moment but high wind and rain is a constant problem. plenty of dev work still to do on the autoclave.

    The weight with everything including 550D camera and telemetry is around 3.3 kilos also with 4 cell 5800 Ma. main battery and aux. 3 cell battery. That is everything ready to start filming.

    The distance between motors is 535 and the prop dia. is 10.5 " x 4.5

    It is made from carbon fiber and kevlar 

    The long motors have a greater distance between mounting plate and the prop. which is not good. 

    Inverted motors give less drag from the airframe as the air enters the disc from the sides rather than from on top.

    Stability comes from a combination of things mostly from the motor/prop response and the length and structural integrity of the arms.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi
    I have some questions!
    What is the weight?
    What is the diameter of the copter?
    What is the diameter of the props?
    Do you mean that a shorter motor is better for stability?
    Do you mean a invers position of motor and props is better for stability?

    With best regards
  • Can we see it fly?

  • Looks very solid. What is the frame made of, and what are its dimensions?

    - Roy

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