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  • Hi Michael, 

    We use NTRIP as base station: RTCM messages are sended to my laptop by using internet and a telemetry module sends these messages to the rover. 

    It is possible to set up a local base station, septentrio has these but they are expensive ( I think around 10000 USD).

    We collaborate with septentrio, it's a company in our backyard ;). 



  • We did a Topographical Survey up in the mountains for a Wind Turbine farm and placing the Ground Control Points took us nearly 3 weeks and the flying part took us 2 days! So even if the system costs $2000  and it works, it will be worthwhile the investment.



  • Developer

    The prices will drop very quickly. In fact a couple of blog posts down, there is post about a $50 system that can do 1Hz RTK.


  • Hi Stijn, did you use both a Base and Rover or just a Rover to get that accuracy? What did you pay for that system?



  • We did an auto mission with the Septentrio asterx-m ( The landing accuracy is 10 - 20cm. The EKF makes also use from the altitude of the gps when switching from 3D fix to 3D fix RTK. It works on ArduCopter 3.3 and we make use from the sbf driver to read out the gps data. The base station sends rtcm3 messages at 1Hz and the receiver works at 10Hz.

    A log from a flight in stabilize can be found here:

  • impressive precision and also great accuracy! ;-)

  • Developer

    My understanding is that the GPSs in the video are at least 2k USD.  So quite expensive but then again, they apparently really work!

  • Developer

    the logs for that flight can be found here

    the base station was set to send 1hz obs data, using rtcm3, with gps and glonass l1/l2, this is sent using the stock 3dr radio

    the receiver was configured for 10hz data, using gps and glonass l1/l2, and the ekf was tunned to use the gps for altitude 100% and high dependence on gps position.

    the accuracy of the gps in the video should be within the mm range.

  • Can't wait to implement this. Need precision positioning for making RF measurements with drones and have been waiting for an affordable solution. 

    Anybody tried this solution?


  • The X-CH4601A is a dual frequency antenna so I assume the Septentrio Asterx-m is operating as a dual frequency receiver.  I'm sure it cost quite a bit more than the drone.

    But, I guess the point is to tune ArduCopter 3.4 to take advantage of the precision of RTK so you might as well use a robust - compared to a L1 only - system for that.

    More interesting will be how much success people have with much more affordable single frequency systems.

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