Russian Heavy-LIft Hexacopter Breakthrough!

The Russian approach to aircraft design has always been famous for robustness and extreme simplicity, and this now extends to multicopters! Here's their latest, with these features: moving part count, zero; electronic circuit count, zero; flight time, indefinite;  cost, approx. 140 Pecks of potatoes.

Needless to say, FAA restrictions prohibit use of this brilliant aircraft in the US.

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  • THere are plenty of examples in the west, except they are typically called jetpacks. THe man with the jetpack hovers over water and has pipes to suck in water.

  • Can't wait till these go on sale at Hobby King

  • and you will need fire brigade to fly :D

  • MR60

    Lol, Russians like to get wet on things !

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