Safety is no accident!

3689536870?profile=originalAre model planes dangerous? Are multicopters dangerous?

Below is a link to a thread showing what happens to people who thought they weren't.

WARNING: Most of the images in the thread are VERY graphic, including severed fingers and large open wounds!

Don't have a meal before viewing...

Please everyone, take an extra bit of care with your propeller driven craft! Safety of the people, safety of the vehicle.

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    Yes it's a "nice" reminder... dealing with a lot of customer repairs/tweaks/diagnostics I always remove the props and most of the time the customers are looking at me strangely like I should not be afraid...

    well guess what, often I am glad I did!

    I think I will print a couple of these pictures and put them on a wall (when I get walls done!)

    It's really a good reminder!


  • I think time to time all of us should see this pictures to remember risk of our hobby.

  • 100KM
    I made it to the guy with the spiral cut ham for a hand. Definitely makes you think twice.
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    Yes its pretty extreme don't have any children looking over your shoulder when opening the page. It underlines that propellers should always be removed when fiddling.

  • Holy ****!

    Right after my breakfast too...lovely...
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