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Some months ago I decided what new camera I will use for my big Hexa. Many many people are using Sony NEX5 cameras for aerial photography. However they a expensive and you need IR Trigger electronics.

I took a look at Samsung NX line and found Jeff Taylor (thanks for the inspiring post) post about triggering them with a simple resistor (not said in that post but I guess you need relays anyway). So I went for it.

I bought a Samsung NX2000 which I must say takes wonderful photos and videos. But Jeff's trigger mechanism did not work in these particular camera. After some trial-error I found that the camera "wants" you to always "focus" before trigger the shutter! No matter the camera setting,  believe me!

So what I have. I have an Autopilot that (in relay mode) outputs 5V(APM) or 3.3V(Pixhawk) for a given period of time (shutter time).

With that signal I have to use relays to create two shorts in NX2000 USB pins. One short between FOCUS pin and GND pin and another short between SHUTTER pin and GND pin.


Samsung NX2000 is quite restrictive in how to short those pins. After more trial - error I discovered the following:

  • SHUTTER and FOCUS pins cannot be permanently connected one each other. Otherwise, no shutter
  • FOCUS has to be shorted to GND some "time" before SHUTTER does. If you short both of them at the same time to GND, you will have a random behaviour. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. This was really annoying as it prevent you to use a double relay to short both pins at the same time

So I decided to built a small circuit to trigger the camera by shorting FOCUS to GND and then (anytime after) SHUTTER to GND

I used what I found at my local electronics store. It maybe done differently!

The circuit for triggering NX2000 receives 5V Vcc, 5V signal (will trigger relays, etc) and GND either from APM or from a 5Vto3.3v level shifter if we use Pixhawk.

Bill of materials:

 - 1x NE555

 - 1x 1uF capacitor

 - 1x 18k resistor

 - 1x 10nF capacitor

 - 2x double micro relay


The mechanism is as follows. Once the signal goes high (5V), it drives the relay ON. This relay has two lines, the first shorts FOCUS and GND. The second allows 5V vcc to go and feed the NE555 timer.

So we have already provided focus to the camera. Now we only have to trigger the shutter.The amount of time that the NE555 takes to boot up is going to be our FOCUS-SHUTTER delay. It is normally 100ns.

Once the NE555 boot up it always sees a short in it input pin. Therefore it puts its output high what drives the second relay.

Once the second relay is activated, a short is created between SHUTTER and GND.

On this point you should have a nice picture taken in the NX2000!!

One thing left to say. If you come from Pixhwak world you need to convert 3.3v signal to 5V.

I used Marco's circuit in this post


As you can see all three boards/circuits are connectable/stackable one each other.

Here you can see the full picture:


The FOCUS-SHUTTER delay may have been done with a RC net but I chose NE555 in case a needed to control delay accurately. However I would have needed another NE555....... 

For Pixhawk connection I connected it to OUT 5 (as 1 to 4 are configured PWM) and Relay mode. 



Some pictures of the process and final result

Bench test:


USB Connector


Everything in a prototype pcb


Already mounted on gimbal with shrinking tube


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  • Just to confirm in case anyone is following this thread....  I finally revisited this camera trigger and picked up a Samsung NX1100 after being disappointed with a Canon S100. I can confirm that with a NX1100 all you need to build for a trigger is the very simple and very first schematic posted by Jesus in which you add a 68KOhm resistor to pin 4 on the USB connector. If all you need is to trigger the shutter via a Pixhawk and setting the CAM_TRIGG_DIST function then no need to worry about building any additional circuitry (but this only applies to the NX1000 or NX1100). The mission planner settings that Jesus posted are also the correct ones to use. Further benefit is I no longer need to carry a BEC to supply 5V to the Aux rail, as this trigger only needs the signal to ground shorted which the relay setting is used for. Now that I have it bench tested, I just need to fly it!

    Thanks to Jesus and Jeff Taylor's post


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    Nice solution Jason!

  • Samsung NX 2000, HDMI output real time video for tft? 

    I try with a hdmi cable, but just show pictures and videos records... 

    I need real time of video

  • Genial! Thanks for sharing.

  • @E_Luna

    Sure! Send me a PM
  • Hello Jesus! would you sell me 1 or 2 of these triggers?

  • @Jesus A

    This is very neat! I was counting on the 2000 being triggered the same as the 200 & 210.

    If you were using a prime lens set to infinity would the camera still try and auto focus or could you use the old method?

  • @Jesus A

    Thank you!
    What is the price? The brand is samsung? What about her?
    Have you ever tested a 15 mm lens?

  • @Xuvisku

    We are using "pancake" 20mm

  • @Jesus A

    What lens are you using this samsung?


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