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  • It's Skyhook recovery system, a snagging line + hook on the wingtips
  • Nice catapult.
    Do they use sometning like a fishing net in the recovery system ? What is the weight of that aircraft? It looks like it hit the net(?) pretty hard on impact.
  • Hey Gary, yeah I love the shot where he is carrying it on his shoulder! Got to see one at the outback challenge here last year - very cool indeed! I was watching the video streaming on my fatshark goggles when it was airborne =)
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    "So your sort of the middle man" that's rather harsh!! Good find Max. Its amazing just how small that thing is really. Not so very far off the flying wings we use! Its still my fav unit of its size and I hope to be able to prod and poke one at Farnborough 2010. Love the recovery system, not thats love love love it. Always have!

    Interesting that in the ground station shot there seemed to be a little animation of the aircrafts attitude running in the top right. That would be handy for knowing just what the airframe is doing. Bit like my ask for control surfaces to be shown moving in the sim.
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