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3689417420?profile=originalHack-a-day has a good write-up of ScoutUAV, a custom-built quadcopter using the APM hardware and ArduPirates code. It really is a terrific site and introduction to building an APM-powered quad:


DIY-er [Russell] wanted a quadcopter, and like many people out there, he knew the satisfaction that would come from building it himself. Rather than purchase a kit or follow a set of online instructions, he spent a lot of time researching quadcopters, and eventually put together a thorough tutorial himself.

His Arduino-based quadcopter is named Scout and runs about $1,000 to $2,000 depending on which parts you choose to buy. [Russell] has a complete parts list available on his site, including plenty of alternate component choices for builders on a budget.

He covers the construction process in great detail, discussing frame fabrication and component placement as well as how to program the Arduino for the copter’s first flight. He also takes the time to break down his component list item by item to explain how each piece is part of the greater puzzle, which is great for first time builders.

We love seeing this level of detail when discussing a build process, and as you can see by the video embedded below, his quadcopter looks great!

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  • nice build log

  • He admitted on his page as well that cheaper option are enough


    The Rimfire motors are excellent motors but a much cheaper alternative is the Turnigy 2213.  The Turnigy 2213 is more than capable.

  • There is no info. about the motors but here it is ;) Rimfire .10

    IMO, I think he picked expensive equipment for the same or less performance that many of us can get with cheaper stuff. but! the page is great, very informative for one that want to begin in this kind of project so in that aspect I give him A ;)


    Great Planes Rimfire .10 35-30-1250 Outrunner Brushless  $ 54.99


    SPECS: Motor Diameter: 1.38" (35mm)

    Motor Length: 1.18" (30mm)

    Shaft Diameter: .16" (4mm)

    Shaft Length: .65" (16.5mm)

    Lead Length: 3" (76mm)

    Connectors: Bullet type, .14" (3.5mm) diameter Max.

    Constant Current: 30A Max.

    Surge Current: 35A Max.

    Constant Watts: 333W

    Max. Burst Watts: 390W

    No Load Current: 1.2A Input

    Voltage: 7.4 - 11.1V (2 - 3S LiPo)

    RPM/V (kV Rating): 1250

    Weight: 2.5oz (71g)

    Suggested Propeller Size: 10x4.5 - 10x7 electric

  • Developer

    Those are pricey ESCs - I have a few for my planes. But they need to be set up properly to work for a quad. I'm not sure they would be my first choice when you can by 5 Chinese ones for the same price that do work well for quads.

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