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  • Hello Marius,

    It is not my intent to treat people differently simply based on location. You are correct, there is a shipping adjustment made on most reward levels account for international shipping rates. 

    So, why are the first two tiers marked to ship within the US only? The reason comes from my lack of experience with international shipping. What if I underestimated the total cost to ship international? Then the "kick start" would have reversed, and I'd be left unable to fulfill the rewards I've contractually agreed to fulfill. It is a risk I wasn't prepared to take.

    Perhaps there is a better way to mitigate this sort of risk. I've probably been too conservative in this regard. Thank you for your comments.


  • Actually thinking about it, its silly to only offer special deals to Americans. Its got nothing to do with shipping as that is an extra charge on the full price items as well.

    Can't support an project that treats non USA buyers this way sorry.
  • Sorry about the Kickstarter/Facebook issues. The system isn't perfect...

  • I want to do the $50 option, but apparently Facebook won't let me log onto kickstarter. Dammit...

  • Ah wait - 3 days apparently. I should read further down...

  • Me too Marius. Shame.

    Just a question how long does the internal battery last if the beeper is running?

  • Great idea. I was going to back one, but unfortunately none of the early bird specials are available for people outside of the USA. I'll take a wait and watch approach instead since there is no incentive for people outside USA to back early.

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    @ Kelly Miller, I would like to add that Dany is known for his professional, but generous business ethic... I am positive he would be a valuable asset in your endeavour.

  • Dany, I'd like to thank you for your kind generosity! I look forward to working with you further!

  • Certainly! Let's chat.

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