Screen shot of our new iPad app

We flew our remote hexacopter on Cape Cod from over 60 miles away over a cellular connection using only this iPad interface. Beautiful day for a flight. Actual screen shot from the flight.


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  • Thanks Jack! Let me know when you want to test from down under.

  • Nice one Sir Tedginal :)

    Jack Aus!

  • I have an old iPad 2, but that is yesterday's tablet.  Got your app ported to Android or Win 10?

    I'd like to buy, but are you considering moving to an oDroid platform instead of RP, due to USB issues?

  • Not long after that flight Tridge flew in Australia from California. What's next?

  • That certainly beats 60 miles!!

  • Moderator

    Tridge flew in Australia from New Zealand, just saying.

  • Lloyd: the proxy server is a simple UDP female-female adapter (as you point out TCP is not an option). It is a simple implementation to work-around NAT & firewalls... until we implement a peer-to-peer connection.

    Multiplexing the modems is indeed much more complicated, particularly since it dynamically adjusts the bandwidth allocation between the 2 modems, and even adjusts the video compression based on the measured overall bandwidth.

    Packets are routed through each modems (following the determined ratio between the 2 modems). The iPad re-constructs the packets in order regardless of which modem they were sent on, and reports back packets loss so the onboard computer can measure the effective bandwidth.

  • Excelent clean interface design. Bravo!

  • Are you using reverse ssh or autossh for the proxy connection?

    I have developed a very similar system with odroid on board the UAV and proxying through an AWS server.

    The proxy server code was written by me and uses UDP for transport.

    I have also been able to make it work over rfd 900 radios using UDP transport.

    TCP transport will just not work over rfd 900 due to packet loss and congestion control.

    We used this system in our 2014 UAV Challenge - Outback Rescue.

    We had two links 1 via 4G and one via rfd 900, the 4G worked much faster of course.

    Very interested to hear how you are multiplexing multiple modems.

    You probably cannot say much about that though.

  • Wow, this is really amazing tech.  Kudos!  What do you see as the potential commercial applications?

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