Seagull #REC - New Sony MULTI camera controller !


Hey Fellow UAV enthusiasts & professionals !

The long awaited Seagull #REC is finally out !

The most affordable and feature rich Sony MULTI camera controller on the market !!

Supporting the latest Sony MULTI (Multiport) equipped cameras !

Seagull #REC is a ‘’Plug & Play” solution and comes with all of the necessary accessories to get you going and capturing!

#REC gives you control over your camera with following features:

 Video record Start/Stop

 Zoom ( 7 speeds in each direction – W/T )

 Autofocus Trigger ‘AF-T’ ( 1 sec pre-autofocus – then trigger )

 Instant Trigger ‘IS-T’ ( instant trigger – as soon as camera locks focus )

 Manual Photo mode ( 2-stage individual focus and trigger )

 Camera On/Off

 Timelapse ( Intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20sec )

#REC is supplied with either a 30cm or a 60cm camera cable to match your application needs !

Check it out in our Shop ->  Seagull #REC

Watch the "Quick Look"

Watch the "Control a Camera"

Watch the "Control a Camcorder"

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask – our support is ready to help - have a great day!

Best regards from Denmark,

Rone Scholz-Nielsen
CEO // founder, Seagull UAV

The Seagull UAV Team !


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  • NEWWe now offer our newly developed cable for #REC !

    We learned that the standard cable for #REC was a bit hard on gimbals – especially low-powered ones.
    … we listened to you guys – and are proud to present our new ULTRAFLEX cables !


    ULTRAFLEX is as the name states – ultra flexible, and is the ultimate in flexible cable design – perfect for your video gimbal setup !
    The new ULTRAFLEX cables have a cable outerdiameter of only 2.5mm – that’s 2mm less than the Standard cables, we even managed to shrink the size of the MULTI connector !



  • Sounds great with the A6000 - also very satisfied with mine..!

  • HDMI can also be converted to composite for a fraction of the Price with a cheap HDMI to Composite converter..

    On the other hand - if the digital HD downlink is must have - I believe Connex is still the cheapest solution..!

  • wow nice to bad the nex5 does not work, i'm not about to put my a6000 in the air.

  • you will need connex downlink and the trigger

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