Self-Stabilizing Servo

Speaking of servos (the topic of my prior post), the GS-1 gyro server self-stabilizes (in one axis only)...


I'm curious... has anyone used a pair of these to construct a self-stabilizing pan/tilt gimbal for their aerial shots (plane or copter)? It would certainly make for less parts and wiring, being that servos will still be required to do the job (so why not cram the gyro in the servo and kill two birds with one stone). I'd really like to research a good looking and sturdy gimbal ball turret for my particular design (Sony FCB-EX1000 block camera with 432x zoom, and FLIR PathFindIR). I've scoured the net and, short of commercial systems, was not sufficiently impressed. Ideas are welcome!
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  • Yep... they were developed by a Kite Aerial Photography guy. I'm curious why there hasn't been greater adoption outside of KAP. It seems like a simple way to not only achieve image stabilization but also basic tracking while circling and such. In small drone pan/tilt turrets, space is at a premium - and you have to use servos anyway - so why not make the best use of available space.

    Now, all I need is a better turret design.
  • Hi,

    I already posted a link to those servos a couple of week ago. Anyway they are not the best choice for a moving plane. About that please read the faq on the servo's page.
    They are mainly for kites/static aerial vehicles.

    Try only to imagine what could happen if you bank or even do a flat turn.

  • Video here

    Been around for a while and Gary is right used a lot in KAP
  • Would like to folow this...interesting topic.
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    I like the cut of your gib, never heard of these servos. I expect somebody else has here, as it comes from the KAP world it must have been thought out.
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