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    'How are small UAVs being put to use in the real world?"
    Depends on how small is small. I believe sub-5kg thing can carry mostly passive sensors, so it ends at photography or atmospheric research.
    I cannot imagine dropping anything useful (or even dangerous enough to be considered national security hazard) from small UAS, they are just too small.
    I believe realtime video/surveillance and realtime waypoint adjustment is too user-absorbing in civilian applications, except when you fly multicopter in RC assisted mode 200m away.
    Therefore I would say all realistic commercial apps limit to photography+mapping. This leaves 50% complexity for flying and shooting, and another 50% for data processing (unless we accept single photos and approximative maps, then we got only 5-10% effort on data processing).
  • How are small UAVs being put to use in the real world? What are the practical, commercial applications?
  • A UAV with a definite purpose - fantastic!
  • The reason of the size is that RC models under 500g don't go under the swiss uav legislation. You can virtually do what you want. Over that weight you need a permanent rc link and keep the plane in LOS. They cashed about 100'000$ as prize for something like "best start-up" of the year. The unfair part is that it's a spin of of the EPFL (the swiss technology institute in Lausanne). So I guess they have done a lot of pre-work within the institute resp get support from there (with MY taxes money!). But beside that it's a good work and rock solid swiss engineering: They use materials that last and can be used daily.
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    Real time video is not what the real market wants, a nice man told me that at a conference recently

    This wing is bang on target.
  • Very nice... although I think a version with real-time video transmission would probably be more popular.

    20km range is impressive though for an airframe of that size.
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    I Love it!
  • Nice plane, It looks very friendly for user.
    I like shake 3X take-off function.
  • very nice, i want one :)
  • Superb ! Wonderful !

    Technical specs
    Camera: 12MP
    Wingspan: 80cm
    Weight: 500g
    Speed: 30-50km/h

    Endurance: 30min
    Operational range: up to 20km
    Data link: up to 2km
    Can operate in winds up to 25km/h
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