SenseFly Ebee head impact test

Danish Aviation Systems recently made a head impact test with eBee drone and upload the results today. 

Interesting video, from the description:

DAS have today conducted a human crash test to see what the effects of an eBee hitting a human direct in the head.
please see the link for result.

eBee during landing = 8.75J 
Frisbee = 15,8J
American football = 45J

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  • It is funny, ho he's actually not taking this hit, but making it with his head =) Like in football) 

  • Look at that thing,thinks its so tough.Oh its coming over here, ill show it...egh take that!!

  • Moderator

    I've thought above trying the same thing many times, except I didn't want to risk damaging the eBee.

  • Loved it ! 

  • Sensefly....apply directly to the head.

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