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  • Wow thanks.  That is a great pdf attachment.  It shows both HC05 and Linvor (HC06) firmware side by side.  All the JY-MCU bluetooth are Linvor (HC06) as far as I know.

  • George, so far I know STATE pin:
        HIGH -> response to AT commands 
        LOW or floating -> regular work status.

    And EN pin I guess is the KEY from HC-06, I saw other versions with KEY pin at the same place EN pin is now. 

    If that is true, KEY/EN pin is needed only in Master Mode. 

    "Master role: have paired memory to remember 

    last slave device and only make pair with that
    device unless KEY (PIN26) is triggered by high
    level. The default connected PIN26 is low level"

    HC Serial Bluetooth Products User Instructional Manual

  • Anone have any idea or links on how to use the STATE and EN pins?  These are new to V1.2 of this device, and I am having (the typical) trouble tracking down any usable documentation.  Thanks.

  • That is true Monroe, no range at all, but the main idea is to provide an easy way to setup fly parameters from any smartphone/tablet. Next step is a phonegap plugin which provides rs232 connection in order to build a HTML5 cross plataform (iOS, Android) ground station app. 

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